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When we started the Chrome Dev Editor project, our goal was to prove that a native app as sophisticated as an IDE can be built on the Chrome platform. In building the Chrome Dev Editor, we have pushed the Chrome Apps platform forward for all developers by introducing new features such as directory write support and improving existing features such as syncable file system. As we achieved that goal and as Chrome DevTools has been improving continuously, we felt it made less sense to continue investment in Chrome Dev Editor. To that effect, we’ve decided to stop our active investment in Chrome Dev Editor and we don’t plan on further development. However, we’ll do our best to merge your Pull Requests from our GitHub site. Many thanks for your feedback and support.

Cooooool :)

How about google, facebook, Microsoft and apple working together as one big company?
What would happen with technology?
I'm not talking about money. Think in the quality of the product by these companies.
It would be awesome.

Wats good every one I'm G by the way the name at the top means nothing. OK so Im a beginner in the Dev game, I'm confused and really intrigued at the same time about the process of Deving. And I'm trying to start my own e-commerce online store. Please help a newbie out with suggestions and quick and easy learning tools. Thankz

Ok, its dead. But still breathing, in while.

Publishing to Chrome Web Store its working there? #4088
Here nothing.

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Chrome OS users looking for a viable alternative to the CDE might want to star this.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've lurked and couldn't find any posts.

Since Google stopped working on CDE, I'd like to make it available to some students who have Chromebooks and learning simple web development (html/css/js). I'm curious if anyone has written up instructions for cloning Google's repo, building their own app, and loading it onto a Chromebook if Chrome's developer mode were enabled. I was able to side-load the ide/web/manifest.json through the Extensions page, but seems like much of the functionality (like cloning a git repo) doesn't work.

Thanks for any pointers.

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Do you think Google is giving up on Chrome App development?
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Does anybody know how to generate a URL from a file using the chrome.filesystem API?

The regular HTML5 filesystem API has a method "fileEntry.toURL" but it doesn't work in my Chrome app!

I need a URL that ISN'T a BLOB URL :/

I'm a kid who wants to change the world and make it better I can give information on how I can do that but the new thing about me is I'm 13 years old I'm doing this as a class assignment but as I'm home I'm doing this for me and to help out my community
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