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I have a card that will not turn over it is keeping me from winning.

Ive spent 4 days on spider 2 suit - game #2752274334 - are all these games winnable? help :)))

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I have put BVS back on my Mac (from the Mac AppStore)....and seems to works a little better than before. Not so glitchy and not stalling on me. Clicking the cards and moving the cards is still a little slow though when using the mouse but the app is fine.

Thinking of going back to using a windows computer some years down the road and maybe buy and download BVS on there but then I would have Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows and SolSuite as well (thinking of buying and download SolSuite and also PGS for Windows...I would use the visa gift card). Wouldn't be fair just to have PGS for Windows and SolSuite and not include BVS since BVS is a really good one to have too. Nothing wrong with having more than 2 solitaire collection apps?

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Twin Lakes with grandkids
Twin Lakes with grandkids

Thank you Boris for these games and this chat room.

Ich bin bei der Aufholjagd in Eight Off.

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So I know I recently requested a new license code like a few days ago. The code worked fine and all and I'm very thankful I got another however that computer is unfortunately expired. Here's what happened. I bought BVS Solitaire Collection in like September 2015 an amazing piece of software. Unfortunately my brother got a nasty nasty Trojan on that PC and I removed the virus and all but it left some serious damage( screen flickering, programs not responding, cpu through the roof. Nothing would fix it and knowing that Trojans have a nasty reputation for messing with system restore points that didn't work. So I did the last thing I could think of which was resetting my PC. After I reset my PC I had to request another code for BVS Solitaire because my system was wiped clean. Unfortunately again my laptop completely stopped charging. No charger round work and I discovered that the power jack was completely broken and there was no way for my laptop to charge. So I bought a new laptop over Amazon that will be here Monday and I will have to unfortunately again working a short period of time request a new license code.

I just thought I would mention that BVS Solitaire runs well on Linux using Wine. I have used it with plain vanilla Ubuntu, and am currently using it with Mint.

The resizing of cards in different layouts isn't quite as good as it was when I was running Windows, but it isn't bad.

For larger layouts like Crazy Quilt and Double Topsy Turvy Queens, I like to check to see available plays, because there is so much to look at that I often miss something. While it does still tell you whether or not you have any available plays, it doesn't show you what they are.

Other than that, it works well. I am so glad I didn't have to give up my favorite game when I switched to Linux!

Now, if only it was available for Android!!!
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