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We, the current moderator team, are searching for new moderators who are willing to take over here. If you are interested, please leave a comment below. +Thomas Scholz and +Gregory Karpinsky and me are answering any of your questions.

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I disabled #Gutenberg with Classic Editor, Classic Editor Add On, plugins.

Link has more ways to disable Gutenberg.

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ICYMI: Blogs posts, documentation, free and low cost courses, tutorial series and other information for WordPress developers and designers who want to built Gutenberg Blocks

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I am looking for work. I am software developer, with over 10+ years of experience in software development.

I have good expertise on the following technologies.

ASP.NET, C#, ASP.NET Core, Classic ASP
Angular 2 and 4
Angular Material
SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS and MySQL
SharePoint 2010 to 2016
Office 365 and SharePoint Online &

I am looking for a regular work. I am open for a fixed monthly rate.

contact me skype @ john.leo1977 or GTalk: sumeet.leo
WhatsApp : +9 1 9 9 8 0 9 3 8 8 1 1

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Thanks for CheetahO
Slow website may be due to the large images. #Optimize photos (500/month images for free) with image optimization tool. Try #wordpress plugin it's FREE!

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There isn't just one way of speeding up your WordPress website. Not two not even ten. Check out the 26+ ways of optimizing your WordPress website for speed.

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Check out what happens when 27 SEO specialists come together to share their views about SEO in 2018

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