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At my WordPress site, I am noticing lots of unknown 404 errors. So, I have one question.

Does renaming wp-content folder properly improve the security of WordPress website?

Please let me know your views.

Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone know if there's a plugin or script I could add to a WordPress site that will reset the site to a default every 24 hours?

The reason is I would like to set up a sandbox for trainees to be able to edit pages and template files to practice but want the site to be refreshed every day. A quick google search didn't bring anything up for me but I might not be searching for the right thing. 

Is there any WordPress developer having MainWP experience?

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Hello everyone,
Does anyone happen to have a code snippet which calculates the number of words in a post ? I've been searching for a while now and I cannot seem to find one. 

Looking for a experienced wordpress developer to help us with a number of issues.
1. Convert some current php hardcoded on our site to a stand alone plug in
2. Develop our some new functionality to the above mentioned php code
3. Integrate the plugin and code with our custom theme
4. Performance tweak our wordpress install and dedicated server.   

Need someone ASAP. Would need a fixed cost initially, than once we trust the work provided we may consider hourly. Could turn into a long term gig. Please comment if interested and we can chat via hangouts to nail down the details. Will need some past work for us to look at.

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