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We, the current moderator team, are searching for new moderators who are willing to take over here. If you are interested, please leave a comment below. +Thomas Scholz and +Gregory Karpinsky and me are answering any of your questions.

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Moving WordPress sites from one server to another is very easy. Here, we will show you in 8 easy steps to move #WordPress #Website from one #server to another.

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In January, we heard the news that the New #WordPress Gutenberg Editor Coming In #WordPress5, now it has been released on December 6th. Here is everything you need to know

#WordPress5Update #WordPressWebsite #technews #Technology #techcresendo

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Scroll To CK 1.1.2 for #wordpress

* Add option to hide the Go To Top button on mobile with a custom resolution value
* Add data-speed and data-offset attribute options on each link to set custom settings per link

Here is a documentation page to see how to use the new features :

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"Video and #marketing, Both are different words but, when we use them together it creates a building block that gives the effective result." Learn, how to start a #Video Blog.

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Birgit Pauli-Haack, curator of the Gutenberg Times website, is hosting a Q&A session with Gutenberg’s phase 1 design and development leads on Friday, November 30, at 2pm ET (19:00 UTC). Matias Ventura, Tammie Lister, and Joen Asmussen will join…

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Review: Why We Love SiteGround – The Fastest-Growing Host
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Witty and sarcastic remarks? Drop them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Template Creator CK
4.0.16 for #joomla
2.0.16 for #wordpress

* New widget Mobile Menu that works with the plugin Mobile Menu CK
* Add sound option (muted) for background video
* Fix CSS issue with list-style none that was applied on li instead of ul
* Fix issue to avoid empty google font call
* Fix issue to delete a fontsquirrel
* Fix issue with aligned modules number reset on actions >> copy

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What's going to happen to Automattic plugins like AMP and WooCommerce after Gutenberg is released?

Will your page templates stop working?
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