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. All Magical Girls must either die or become witches, there is no "special" Magical Girl who will never die or become a witch
. Bad language is ok, but keep it to a minimum for those who don't like it
. If you joined, but haven't watched Madoka Magica before, please try to! You can rp before than, just please try to watch it first!
. If you want someone to be descriptive in an rp, please tell them first!

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Name: Florence Natura
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Powers: Flora and fauna manipulation
Weapons: Poisonous animals and plants inside her labyrinth (snakes, dragons, frogs, poison ivy, poison oak, etc.)
Character Theme: "Magnolia" by M2U ft. Guriri
Bio: One Sunday, Hana Shizen ( visited the village where she was born and raised, Hoshimura. She walked excitedly to a cemetery, accompanied by the Miyazawa family. They sprinkled red rose petals on Hana's parents' graves.
Unexpectedly, there was a Grief Seed behind Hana's mother's gravestone. Hana excused, "Uh, I'll be right back." "Where are you going?" questioned her adoptive father, Hiro. Hana didn't answer him. She hid herself in the woods and transformed hastily.
Unfortunately, a groundskeeper saw her. He yelled, "Witch!" He hit her several times using his broom. She resisted the attacks at first, but then she had no choice but to defend herself. She shot him using an arrow. She ran to the Grief Seed, which was hatching. "Who are you? Why do you look like our daughter?" questioned Kira. Hana didn't have time to answer. The Grief Seed immediately hatched and formed a witch labyrinth. Hana defeated the witch coolly.
Before she could take its Grief Seed and cleanse her Soul Gem, Makoto took it. "What is this?" he inquired. "Give that to me!" demanded Hana. "Why should I? How can I trust you?" refused Makoto. An angry mob was screaming to Hana. She turned backwards, facing the people.
"Listen, I do not desire to hurt you at all! I was helping you! I defeated the REAL witch!" convinced Hana. "Liar! YOU'RE the witch!" protested one of them. Hana shed some tears and shouted, "I ended the famine! My wish saved your lives!" "LIAR!" disbelieved the angry mob.
In despair, Hana's Soul Gem blackened and turned into a Grief Seed. She turned into a deadly witch, Florence Natura. Coincidentally, Madoka, Sayaka, Homura, Mami and Kyoko were having a school field trip to Hoshimura. They managed to separate from their group and transform to defeat the witch.
Surprisingly, Florence Natura could speak. "You magical girls... Eventually, you will end up just like me," she stated. She attacked the five magical girls and they dodged the attacks. "You used to be a magical girl?" enquired Madoka. "Of course," replied Florence Natura. She quickly grabbed Homura and lifted her. "You can travel back in time, can't you?" assumed Florence Natura. "Y-yes," answered Homura weakly. "Go back and save me, won't you?" requested Florence Natura. Homura remained silent. "Please, I need you," begged Florence Natura.
Soon, Homura obediently went back in time, to when Makoto stole the Grief Seed that Hana earned from killing a witch. After transforming, using a handgun, she shot his leg, making him fall to the ground. She swiftly took the Grief Seed and tossed it to Hana. She purified her nearly impure Soul Gem.
Inexplicably, the angry mob doesn't exist in this timeline. "I'm glad you're safe. What's your name?" asked Homura. "I'm..." replied Hana. She whispered to Homura's ear, "We'll talk tomorrow at school."
Afterwards, Hana and Homura walked to the woods and reverted back to their normal forms. Hana returned to her new family. "Hey, what were you doing?" questioned Makoto. "I was... Uh... Peeing. Anyway, forget about that," lied Hana. She met the five magical girls the next day. They introduced each other and became much more than allies: friends.
Trivia: 1. Although Florence Natura ceased to exist, it is possible for her to reappear.
2. Interestingly, the capital letters in her name are written in archaic runes, while the lower case ones are written in modern runes.
3. Her name has a meaning. "Florence" means "to blossom/flower" and "Natura" is derived from the word "nature". This is a reference to Hana Shizen's name.
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Name: Hana Shizen (自然 花)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Wish: For the famine in Hoshimura (her home village; also a fictional location in Japan) to end.
Soul Gem Color: Green
Soul Gem Symbol: Four-leaf clover
Magic: Healing (physically, mentally and emotionally)
Weapons: Winged Hairband, Healing Lantern, Silver Rose Bow
Character Theme(s): "Together We Can Change The World" by Mark Shepard ft. Rilee O'Neill
Bio: At January 19th, Hana was born in a very modest family in a vast village in Japan named Hoshimura (星村). She's an only child since her parents stated that they could not afford to have another child.
When Hana was 13, climatic changes became so extreme that the land turned dry and unfertile. Rainfalls didn't occur at all for a whole year. The livestock were infected by a deadly contagious disease. Crops were failing, animals were dying and a famine started. Even water was difficult to get since the water level of the rivers decreased drastically. Hoshimura could only depend on other regions for food, but the village's budget was low so it couldn't receive as much as it required, since most governments would want money in exchange.
One day, after school, Hana arrived at home, seeing her parents lying on the floor, no longer breathing. They gave up all their consumptions for Hana, but didn't tell her so that she wouldn't be worried. That moment, Hana fell on her knees with a stunned, tearful face, and fainted.
By nighttime, Hana woke up on the floor and the first thing she saw was Kyubey. It introduced itself and explained about the existence of magical girls and witches. Hana believed that she was dreaming, but thought that it would be cool if she turned into a magical girl.
Therefore, Hana's wish was for the famine in Hoshimura to end. She received her Soul Gem soon enough. Afterwards, a rainfall occurred for the first time of the year. The next day, the soil fertility suddenly and inexplicably increased, and crops grew instantly. The rare livestock survivors were mysteriously cured and they quickly reproduced. The water levels of the clean rivers went way up. The crops were harvested. The livestock were milked, and their meat was cooked. The food and water were distributed to every resident of the starving village, feeding everyone. The famine officially ended. The inhabitants of Hoshimura called it a miracle.
Since then, Hana knew that she wasn't dreaming at all. She accepted her fate and responsibility as a magical girl. She began fighting against familiars and witches, and saving humans that were kissed by witches. She understands that her Soul Gem is the representation of her soul and it needs to be frequently purified by Grief Seeds. She got over the grief of her parents' extremely tragic deaths, although she misses them every day, and even talks to their photographs, and also talks to them when visiting their graves. She visits their graves every weekend.
At Hana's 14th birthday, she excitedly walked to her parents' graves in the village cemetery. She baked a cake for herself. A woman watched Hana celebrating her birthday with her deceased parents and felt touched. The lady introduced herself as a tourist from Mitakihara City named Kira Miyazawa. She claimed to be an old friend of Hana's parents, and was there to mourn for their unexpected deaths.
Since Hana trusted Kira, she followed the woman to an inn where she stayed in. Kira introduced Hana to her husband, Hiro Miyazawa. He paid for Hana to stay in the inn for one night. At first, Hana humbly declined, but Hiro insisted to let her stay with him and Kira.
The next day, Hiro and Kira decided to adopt Hana. Hearing about this, Hana felt ecstatic. She packed her bags, dressed up and travel(l)ed on a car for the first time in her life, to Mitakihara City. She signed the legally printed adoption letters.
Plus, her old house was sold. She got the first sibling in her life, a lazy, sarcastic 15-year-old jock named Makoto Miyazawa. He gets decent and sometimes poor grades at every subject except PE, the only subject where he always gets high marks. He and Hana hardly get along well, but at a few certain times, they show signs of caring for each other.
Now, Hana is a cheerful, diligent 2nd year student in Mitakihara Middle School, raised by the wealthy Miyazawa family. She is quite shy, though, so it is not uncommon for her to be called a nerd. She is excited to meet other Puella Magi and to cooperate with them.
1. Hana's ambition is to be a famous professional florist.
2. Hana did not change her surname after being adopted by Hiro and Kira.
3. Hana's favo(u)rite food is fruit salad.
4. Hana's full name in kanji means "nature flower".
5. Ever since Hana moved to Mitakihara City, she gained interest in beauty products.
6. Hana's zodiac sign is Capricorn (♑), although her birthday, January 19th, is the last day of the zodiac.
7. Hana's IQ is 135.
8. Hana's hobbies are gardening, sketching, painting, cooking, reading books, watching anime and pranking Makoto.
9. Hana is the polar opposite of Makoto.
10. Hana likes wearing kimonos.
11. Despite being generally intelligent, Hana is not fluent in English, since she never learned the language before moving to Mitakihara City.
12. Hana's favo(u)rite colo(u)r is teal.
13. Hana never turns her Soul Gem into a ring, since she thinks that it can be easily stolen that way.
14. Uniquely, the four-leaf clover pattern on Hana's fingernail is glittery.
15. In her Puella Magi form, Hana's Soul Gem turns into a pair of earrings on her ears, since she got her ears pierced even before moving to Mitakihara City.
16. Hana can fly in her Puella Magi form using her Winged Hairband.
17. Hana can heal using her Healing Lantern. If it is a physical injury, the lantern light must touch the injury so that it will heal fast. If it is a disease (either physical, mental or emotional), Hana must sway the lantern left and right in front of the patient's face like a pendulum, then the patient will soon heal.
18. Hana's main weapon in combat is her Silver Rose Bow, which is actually rather similar to Madoka Kaname's bow.
19. The four-leaf clover actually represents good luck here, since Hana was lucky to be adopted in a much happier family shortly after turning into a magical girl.
20. Hana isn't athletic at all as a regular girl, but is much more physically flexible and agile in her Puella Magi form.
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Puella Magi
Name:Hotaru Tsukino
Wish:To Live With Her
Soul Gem Color:Purple
Soul Gem Symbol:Saturn Symbol
Weapons:Silence Glaive
Bio:Hotaru was a Girl That worked along with her father to Do Science, She Was the best at it until one day a accident happened where she almost was dying while a Incubator took her wish of living once again with her father,that came to her Father Being once again happy and serving as a Magical Girl
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+Riku Saiko

It was raining, and Homura had just finished walking Madoka home. She wears the scarf that was given to her by the pink haired girl. Her long hair blew behind her back as she made her way down the road. In one hand she held her bag, and in the other, an umbrella. The magical girl let out a sigh, she was begining to tire, it had been a long day after all. Prehaps she'll rest when she makes it home

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Name: Gaara Uchiha
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Species: vampire
Personality: mysterious but kind
Orientation (Sexuality): straight
Gender: male
Abilities/ Disabilities: has sharingan, is bothered by sunlight, and can control sand
Likes: kind people, sushi, fighting, playing violin, dancing and a few other things
Dislikes: country music, sunlight, and holy water
Bio; was born human but demon was put inside causing him to turn vampire killed parents because when I turned 10 I found out they turned me so I wanted revenge
Other Info: has a twin sister, is not completely based off of the naruto character

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Name: Clare Uchiha
Age: 16
Species: vampire
Personality: mysterious but kind
Orientation (Sexuality): Bisexual
Gender: female
Abilities/ Disabilities: has sharingan, byakugan, is bothered by sunlight, and is fused with life fibers
Likes: kind people, sushi, fighting, playing violin, dancing and a few other things
Dislikes: country music, sunlight, and holy water
Bio; is the twin sister of Gaara Uchiha
Other Info:

Question: Am I allowed to post my own communities here? (It's a Madoka Magica one,not for roleplay though.)

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Profile update
«Are you sure you wish to open the following file? Your device may be infected while viewing this document.»
[ѕelecт ғιle]
►|| Shō, Heiri ||
|| Akiyama, Lieke ||
|| Ohmori, Kimiko ||
||Are you sure you want to open this file?||

▔▔▔▔▔▔ ||Access Granted||  ▔▔▔▔▔▔
█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ||5%||
███▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ||10%||
█████▒▒▒▒▒ ||30%||
███████▒▒▒  ||50%||
██████████ ||100%||

▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔{Welcome to Heiri}~. Enjoy your stay~. Heiri.exe is starting}

|| Opening Song/ Theme Song ||

Melanie Martinez: Dollhouse.
Melanie Martinez: Cry baby
Hasley: Gasoline

“I’m not some cliche backstory.”
“If it’s not on a plate it can wait.”
“ It doesn’t matter what you do to me. Or how much I may be hurt. I’ll always be by your side. You’re my best friend. I love you”

||General Characteristics||

Name: Heiri Shō

Other Names:
• Emi

• Magical girl

ID Number: *****

Species: Human

Nationality:  Japanese

||Personal Characteristics||

Age: 14

Birth Date: January 9, 2001

Birth Name: Heiri Shō

Birth Place: Mitakihara City

Manner of Birth: Late at night her mother woke up thinking she wet the bed. She went and took a shower later to find out her water broke. Then they hurried to the hospital and around 9:45 am Heiri was born

First Word(s): Dad

Zodiac: Capricorn

Death Date: N/A

Age at Death: N/A

Death Place: N/A

Resting Place: N/A

Manner of Death: N/A

Last Words: N/A

Accomplishments: Saving those she cares about.  

Greatest Achievement: Protecting her friends and family from a very powerful witch

Failures: Not being able to save her friend in time

Biggest Failure: Losing the person she loves most

Self-Confidence: She has moderate self confidence

Traumas: watching the death of her friend
Earliest Memory: Sitting in a wagon as her mother pulled it along the street. Heiri was enjoying a type of orange ice cream

Fondest Memory: Being with her best friend and relaxing together

Worst Memory: fights with her best friend

Regrets: saying things that she knew she couldn’t take back

Dominant Hand: Right


Autograph: Neat artist signature

||Mental Characteristics||

Known Languages: English, Japanese, Swedish


Arachnophobia: Fear of spiders

Thantophobia: Fear of death or dying

Agoraphobia: Fear of wide open places surrounded by people.

Claustrophobia: fear of tight enclosed spaces in which you can’t get out

Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing. She likes to bake in her free time and when nervous she cleans

Pet Peeves: people being too loud. Talking about something she’s not interested in or even just tired of talking about the subject. She doesn’t like when people don’t listen the first time.

||Highs and Lows||

Likes: apple juice, turtle candies, books, drawing, cats, windchimes, cello, friends, badminton, fantasy, stars/space

Dislikes: coldness, hospitals, dentists, clowns, spiders, wells, boats, needles.

|| Favorite||

Favorite Actor: Shieme Uzumaki
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite Arts: drawing
Favorite Band: Melanie Martinez
Favorite Book: Fantasy books
Favorite Color: Royal blue
Favorite Country: Sweden
Favorite Drink: apple juice
Favorite Excuse: I don’t care
Favorite Food: Shrimp and noodles
Favorite Flavor: mint chocolate chip
Favorite Movie: Moonrise kingdom
Favorite Musical Genre: orchestra  
Favorite Mythical Creature: wyvern
Favorite Number: 8
Favorite Pastime: reading and relaxing
Favorite People: her friends
Favorite Place: a place she can be alone
Favorite Quote: “the only real failure is when you stop trying”
Favorite Restaurant: Any type of cultural restaurant
Favorite Season: summer
Favorite Song: Soap
Favorite Store: Earth Magic
Favorite Story Genre: fantasy
Favorite Subject: math
Favorite TV Show: Supernatural
Favorite Words: Farfar

||Least Favorite||

Least Favorite Actor: Arshio Mira
Least Favorite Animal: spiders
Least Favorite Arts: chemistry
Least Favorite Band: some rock bands
Least Favorite Book: anything with too much romance
Least Favorite Color: brown
Least Favorite Country: Russia
Least Favorite Drink: orange juice
Least Favorite Excuse: I forgot
Least Favorite Food: mushrooms
Least Favorite Flavor: vanilla
Least Favorite Movie: The hills have eyes
Least Favorite Musical Genre: rock
Least Favorite Mythical Creature: fairies
Least Favorite Number: 3
Least Favorite Pastime: sitting doing nothing
Least Favorite People: bad people, enemies
Least Favorite Place: public
Least Favorite Quote: “Crying shows you’ve been strong for too long”
Least Favorite Restaurant: anything that’s too greasy
Least Favorite Season:winter
Least Favorite Song: Very high pitched songs/ rock
Least Favorite Store: clothing stores
Least Favorite Story Genre: too much romance
Least Favorite Subject: chemistry
Least Favorite TV Show: Any reality shows
Least Favorite Words: moist

||Skill ||
0 - Worst in World
1 - Extremely Poor
2 - Very Poor
3 - Poor
4 - Below Average
5 - Average
6 - Above Average
7 - High
8 - Very High
9 - Exceptionally High
10 - Perfect; Flawless

Logical: 6/10
Mathematical: 6/10
Artistic: 8/10
Musical: 6/10
Communication: 7/10
Fighting: 5/10
Investigative: 8/10
Supernatural: 4/10
Magical: 8/10
Management:7 /10
Organization: 6/10
Planning: 8/10
Physical: 5/10
Problem Solving: 6/10
Teamwork: 7/10
Cooperation: 7/10
Chemistry: 4/10
Arithmetic: 6/10
Cooking: 8/10
Sewing: 6/10

||Intrapersonal Connections||

Immediate Family:

- Father: Kaito Sho
- Mother: Aria Sho
Close Relatives: Iori Sho

Distant Relatives: Yuki ohmori

Ancestors: unknown so far. Try a family tree website maybe?

Acquaintances: She considers everyone a friend

Allies: Karii

Enemies: kyubey

Followers: Karii

Friends: Karii

Heroes: She never thought of one

Inspirations: Aria Sho

Pets: none

Rivals: yet to meet

Role Models: Aria Sho

Number of parents/guardians: (1) Aria sho

Number of siblings: (0)

Number of friends: (1) Karii
Number of enemies: (1) Kyubey

Biological father: Kaito Sho

Biological mother: Aria Sho

Biological Sibling(s): none

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none

||Physical Characteristics||

Hair color: brown

Hair type: long straight

Hair style: pigtails

Eye color: green

Commonly seen wearing: shorts, sweater

Scars/body markings: Mark on her back

||Health and Fitness||

Abnormalities: strange mark on her back, right near her shoulder blade
Addictions: none
Aids: glasses
Allergies: none
Augmentations: none
Broken Bones: none
Conditions: anemia
Diseases: none
Disorders: anemia
Handicaps: none
Medication: none
Reason for Health: low blood sugar
Birthmarks: cloud on her knee
Blood Type: A

||Sexual Characteristics||

Gender: Female
Orientation: japanese
First Love: none
Love Interests: none
Marital Status: none
Significant Other: none

||Vocal Characteristics||

Accent/Dialect: Traditional Japanese

Mother language: English

Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Swedish

Impediments: slurred s’ and Th’s


Persona: Kind, caring. Likes helping others but when it comes to it she can be very commanding and rude

|| The Virtue Levels  ||
0 - Worst in World
1 - Extremely Poor
2 - Very Poor
3 - Poor
4 - Below Average
5 - Average
6 - Above Average
7 - High
8 - Very High
9 - Exceptionally High
10 - Perfect; Flawless

Adventurousness: 7/10
Caring: 8/10
Confidence: 6/10
Cooperation: 6/10
Courage: 6/10
Creativity: 7/10
Flexibility: 5/10
Generosity: 7/10
Honesty: 8/10
Loyalty: 8/10
Patience:7 /10
Perseverance: 7/10
Respect: 8/10
Responsibility: 7 /10
Reliability:8 /10
Sociability: 9/10
Trust: 6/10

||Combat Characteristics||

Abilities:  psychic abilities; seeing past, present, and future. She has the ability to create pink portals in which large chains can come out and assist her in battle

Weaknesses: she can be too trusting. When she’s upset she has trouble controlling herself. When she is scared she may not move

Weapons: staff/ scythe

Magical girl outfit: white button up shirt. Pink bows in her hair, pink skirt, long white socks and black flats.

Soul gem color: magenta

Soul gem symbol: Diamond

Soul gem placement: shoulder

Wish: to fix my mistakes of the past, present, and future. To never harm another person again. I want everyone to be happy. No one deserves to feel bad

Heiri decided to become a magical girl when she met kyubey. He said he could offer her a wish in exchange that she has to become a magical girl. Heiri thought about her wish for months as kyubey stayed with her. Eventually after hurting someone dear to her she made her wish. She wished to be able to fix the mistakes of the past, present, and future.

Before Heiri even met kyubey she lived with her mother in a small city in Japan. She lived a perfectly normal life. Though she stayed at home most of the time. She enjoyed being with her friends, after all, she was closest to them. Her father had moved away somewhere else and she was left with her mother. She doesn’t like to bring up her dad and when she does it’s quick and then she changes the subject. After stumbling into a witch’s labyrinth and barely escaping with the help of a mysterious magical girl, kyubey introduced himself. Offering her a change of fate.

||A virus has been detected. Would you like to shut down?||


▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔|| Heiri.exe has crashed. Goodbye.||▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔
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Hey, I remade my oc. Am I allowed to change it? Or should I just make her be a different character?
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