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Official İPEKEVİ will collaborate with Indonesian Fashion Designer, ViVi Zubedi.

Products of @ipekevi_indonesia will ONLY be sold at VIVI ZUBEDI Booth no.C60, Hall Cendrawasih, Jakarta Convention Center from 26th February till 1st March 2015.

İPEKEVİ is a brand of Turkish scarf which are located in Bursa, TURKEY. The words İPEKEVİ are derived from Ipek, which means silk, and evi, which means house. So literally, İPEKEVİ is house of silk.

The real İPEKEVİ is at the moment sold only @ipekevi_indonesia (Instagram) for Indonesian market.

İPEKEVİ is known as the best scarf in Turkey which shows its best and high premium quality. İPEKEVİ is an exclusive scarf for your style

Quality Tells ✨
İPEKEVİ kalitesi

The Real İPEKEVİ is only HERE

Assalamualaikum terimakasih sudah di invite, maaf baru gabung...

Assalamualaikum..baru join.mohon bimbingannya :)

salam kenal semua, masih baru nih belum begitu tau

Makasih mb udah di invt, salam kenal semua 😊

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