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Welcome to the Geometry Dash Level Making community! We can make levels and collabs and a lot more. You can post stuff about geometry dash, and yes I did put a "Not Related" category but only use it if you talk something about geometry dash or something else about it. This is an English community I do not speak Spanish so ask one of the mods if they do (they do if they answer, of course) And and and, there are some rules, sorry.
Rule 1: No speaking Spanish only to mods
Rule 2: No scamming but hack downloads THAT ACTULLY WORK are allowed
And last but not least.....
Rule 3: Don't be like MLG 69, you know who I'm talking about
Hope you all can get along cause I don't give a f.
My fingers hurt from typing so this is the end (thank the lord)

I just disobeyed my own rule


Can someone make a Google+ banner for me

Yea people, only 3 moderators now 2 more
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