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(After being subjected to some high handed, laughable justifications for censorship (from a couple of low self-esteem, mentally ill misanthropes), in another group, I felt the need to create this one for those of us who are tired of being expected to kiss the asses of the nerd rejects and self-appointed royalty (Read: untalented losers and social failures) who have this asinine idea that other Linux users are in the slightest bit interested in stroking their egos as the price of receiving their perpetually inept technical advice).


This group is intended as a haven for those of us who are the brightest of the Debian base well as a sanctuary from the dishonesty, stupidity, and, insufferable mediocrity that has plagued the Linux community for years.

Don't bring your personality cults and Harry Potter mentalities, here ...or, you can EXPECT ridicule. ;D If you're more worried about being liked and accepted, then go get a fucking dog.

Nor, are you going to force others to play straight man to your lack of hipness. If you can't separate style from substance, then, we will be more than happy to subject you to our most abrasive posters. You're not going to train anyone, here, into being your dog.

On the worthwhile side:

If you have something worth contributing, then, by all means, do so.

If you know four tried ways to ls to specific files/types through an alias, instead of using file search programs, then please post them.

If you want to show people how to recompile programs, like Gedit, then you are welcome, here.

If those are the kinds of things you want to know, then, feel free to ask about them.

(If, however, you get all bent out of shape because someone does these same things with a flip attitude, then, you are probably only upset because you cannot emulate their example ...due to the fact that the other's "attitude" exposes your inadequacy in the face of his merit. Therefore, sad-you rationalizes your justified feeling of being small and inept through the face-saving expedient of a universal concept, where all oppression, everywhere, is ended by means of a focus on human relationships which expresses itself through the empty role playings of polite society (spit). ...all because you weren't as smart as someone else, but couldn't admit it.

However, if Mr. Flip is all show and no go, and, refuses to part with his precious nugget of expertise, and just keeps trying to make you explain what you admittedly don't know, instead of him doing the telling, then, he is probably just a bullshitter (see below). You are right to call him on it. (Not, however, to start popularity contests in order to get your way).

IOW, having an attitude is okay. Especially, if you are plunking down something of value along with it, and, not obligating others to recognize you for your healthy self-image. Even whining is okay, so long as you are not obligating others (or mobilizing hostility against them) for not being self-effacing and humble to your ignorance and stupidity.

A better response would be to take the attitude (and initiative) to be more like them. You might actually acquire some earned respect from others, for the first time in your life, and, learn that you enjoy it more than the fake respect. Anything is possible).

What we don't want to see is aimless bozo questions that play up to the smarmy bullshitters who make it up as they go along, trying to get victims to post output from their systems.

And, of course, we don't want the empty bullshit of Linux/Nerd/Geek Pride, and, all of their catch phrases. For these sad cases, we recommend the blowup doll "community"...

As for you other clowns (the con-men), this all goes double. The first time that you try to start personality fights, you will be finding a post about the wonders of your scam services, long before it is time for you to begin "cleaning up" ...not to mention, advertising them.

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Linux Marketshare on Desktops Apparently Hit 6.91% in September.

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That is good news. But, let's see how things work out when the numerous bugs, in so-called "stable" releases, start being tied to the corporate funding of the kernel.

It's going to be, either, modify the open source code, themselves, or, make contracts with the proprietary entities who are really driving Linux, to begin with, in order to maintain things. (Big laugh on the latter).

Of course, much of that would, probably, depend on whether they're running any particular distro, or, if they're going to customize something for themselves. I would imagine that they would like to work off of something already available, and, tweak, where needed. Using off-the-shelf stuff seems to be part of the focus of this particular experiment.

One thing is for sure. If they try relying on some of what passes for support in the Linux community, then, the ISS is looking at a potential disaster. There are so many little dung-heap fiefdoms, being run by puss-bag fat-asses - not to mention, proud little identity-group nerd retards - who cannot give a byte's worth of useful help to anyone (and, who generally do not want to), that most of the cute crap that you get from them is basically a subterfuge for disguising their incompetence.

...But, the worst effect of this is that the few functioning brains in the community are masked out, while a good idea rots away in the background.

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Hello, world!

I'm thinking truely to back to #Debian❤, but this time to Debian 9 (Stretch). I just have a question before taking this risk 😃:

If my device (laptop or PC) does not support UEFI, will it cause a problem during the installation? In other words, I don't want to get ride of my machine, so, what are the expected problems I may face during installation? 😃
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