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Greetings fellow Christian authors!

Policies and Guidelines:

We certainly do pray that your experiences here in the Christian Author's Community are fruitful, inspiring, encouraging, and enriching. That stated, the following guidelines are imposed to ensure the best collaboration experience possible for all valued members.

The following policy relative to sharing links or posts requires that members are required to include his or her own comments on the piece being shared (postings and responses).  


1. Re-shares without the context of someone's opinion can be spammy.

2. Encouraging more content from your members is a great way to build more value into your community.

3. Requiring (or strongly suggesting) context from members on posted links reduces the likelihood that members will re-share content based on headlines alone (AKA, sharing without reading) -- a practice that will rapidly devalue a community.

IMPORTANT: All members may post and respond as frequently as they choose. All members are limited to three (3) active links (with commentary) per day. Posters who do not abide by these policies, will be subject to immediate post removal and/or the poster may be banned altogether at the discretion of the community moderation team and their affiliates.

PERSONAL PROFILE: This community is all about creating and developing personal relationship among members. In order to make a post or respond to other members, your profile MUST contain your personal photograph (head shot). Any post or response made within the community that does NOT contain such your personal image, will be subject to immediate post/response removal.

If you have any questions, ideas, and/ suggestions pertaining to these policies, please feel free to submit your response below. We look forward to helping each member make the most of their experience.

God bless you, Tony

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It is a joy to meet Christian Author Janet Lynn Mitchell author of Food for Thought
I love authors Interview 2 This is Janet Lynn Mitchell Welcome to “I love Authors Interview 2” in this interview we meet Janet Lynn Mitchell, author of Food for Thought – Let’s all give Janet a warm greeting. I’m so glad you are doing a blog tour with…

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CHRISTIAN AUTHORS COMMUNITY MODERATOR | OnAir NOW | 7P (Pacific) Alive in Christ Radio LIVE with Tony & Lynn | The Call to Christian Discipleship: SIMPLIFIED | Listen LIVE NOW:

Plus, get details about how we might share your Christian title with our world Christian flock. Come share your ministry for Christ Jesus!

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After years of warning my friends, family, and readers about America’s end time predicament, I found myself asking the question, “What if America isn’t the Great Harlot of Revelation?” Could America’s likeness to the end-times trading center be coincidental? Or does America fit Babylon’s description because someone wants Her to look that way? What if it’s not the end at all! And why should this proposition seem any more conspiratorial than to timidly resign to the certainty that the end of the Age has come? Of course Christians must never doubt that Jesus will eventually return in bodily form. Nor can it be denied that many signs of the times suggest that the “beginning of sorrows” has indeed begun.

What if it's NOT the END OF THE WORLD?

Just as dozens of doomsday scenarios are being played out from Hollywood to alternate news media sites, C.W. Steinle dares to ask the seemingly backward question, "What if it's NOT the end of the world?" Are the converging signs prophesied in the Bible being sponsored for the benefit of one or more hidden actors?

After twenty years of end-times research, the author of "Come Out of Her People" steps up to challenge the mainstream assumption that the establishment of modern Israel has started the countdown to the end of the Age. But this popular interpretation of Bible prophecy has the potential of tagging the United States as the Great Harlot of Revelation. American Christians and the enemies of America alike are jumping on the bandwagon to condemn the United States. The author reveals his own journey from the assumption that America is Babylon to his current position that the United States has been skillfully framed to look like end-times Babylon for sinister purposes.

The ebook is being offered in skeleton form as the introduction to a series of essays. Exposing the possibility of a manufactured and theatrical end-of-the-world scenario calls for the immediate release of the author's recent discoveries. Perhaps there is still time to awaken American Christians before they submissively surrender to the coming disaster.

Available now at Amazon Kindle:

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The Grace Awards 2017 with reader nominating their favorite Christian fiction in calendar year2017 has begun. Reader-driven Christian literary awards. [Chrisstian novels released between Jan 1 - Dec 21, 2017]

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The book 'God's Amazing Grace' Was published
through AuthorHouse & AuthorHouse UK and
made readily available for purchase in April 2016.
A collection of Inspirational Poems & Stories created
by the Author in the same stylings as the 'Chicken Soup
For the Soul Books'. The major difference is all Stories
and Poems were written by 1 Author Only. Stories are
true and the Author is somehow a character in each of
the short stories. Names of individuals in the stories were
changed to protect the Identities the stories are about!
eBook is $3.99 Soft Cover is $33.99

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