Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure to be part of this group.

Just a few words about me. I have been involved with ODL for 20 years. I am currently doing my PhD on Openness a comparison between Sweden and Rwanda. 

I am looking forward to this learning  and sharing experience.

Hi there. I think the organisers are considering merging some of the PBL groups so we're just waiting to see what happens for next week.

Today - a day with sunshine and winter olympics. Usually I do not watch but today I had to - the male swedish  relay team is really performing!

Thank you!
Working extremely hard this week, will attend this forum more frequently after friday!

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Hi Everyone, here is a short video about me as an introduction. I'm really looking forward to working with you all and learning with you, my main research area is online learning so I'm hoping that we can explore and develop ideas around teaching and learning and become innovative teachers together. I work at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and my main subject area is film, so if you are interested in developing resources I can hopefully give you some good advice. Please feel free to contact me as it will be great to develop a community with all of you.

Hi. I've already presented myself on the main forum but I'm looking forward to meeting this group and curious to see how the course and discussion evolves over the next few weeks.
It's a grey, damp and miserable Sunday here in south-east Sweden so a good to day read, write and suchlike.

Great to see so many people joining the course today...
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