With the last update, we add a onclick enabled Portal to our Forum release.
This Portal is based on the Virgo Portal that we have started for SMF 2.1, but this is complete integrated in our Forum release.

Today we annonce the BETA release of the PortaMx Forum Software

In this Version we added many new features and we fixed a lot of problems and bugs we found on the SMF Version.

New features:
* ECL (European Cookie Law) added, so any User must accept cookies before he can use the Forum completely
* Cookies allways handled by the Server for better security
* Optimize the sceditor, so on WYSIWYG Mode the result show exactly as in the Forum
* Optimize the CSS code for normal mode and also for responsive mode
* The responsive CSS is only used if a mobile device detected, so you can use the "Desktop" mode on mobile devices
* Update jQuery to the latest release (2.2.4)
* Added Lightbox2 for Image expand
* If you have more the one image in a message, they are shown as a Gallery
* Added settings to add a Favicons to each link (if the site have one)
* Added settings to disabe the Quick Editor in the Message view
* Added settings for the ECL Overlay
* Added settings to disable Lightbox in the Forum
* Added BBC settings for attaches [attach] and images [img] to disable Lightbox (expand=off)

Fixed Bugs:
* Attached images they inserted in the content shown twice on Printpage
* If a user can't see attachments, for any image the string "You can't see attachements" is inserted.
* Now the message is only one shown at the bottom of a message
* Added images in the Drop box don't have the correct aspect ration
* Added the missing "Cancel" button on Posts and Quote a message
* Fixed inet-array bug for all DB types
* Added cache clear to many Admin functions, they update Database tables
* Values below the Attach dop box are shown not correct
* Also we correct a lot of smaller bugs and mistakes

Download this Version on: https://github.com/PortaMx/PortaMx-Forum/tree/portamx

Also you can visit our Demo site on: http://forum.portamx.com/

We released a small update (manually install) for PortaMx 1.54 ecl.
This update adds panel hidding on mobile devices and fixed two smaller bugs.

Today we released the version PortaMx 1.54 ecl for SMF 2.0.x

This version fixed a lot of smaller bugs the users have reported and we found.
We update the RSS reader to work with a https protocol and modify some other functions.

You can update a installed version 1.52/1.53 or make a fresh install.
Look at your PortaMx Admin Center to see the Update option.

Today we released PortaMx Virgo 2.0 Beta 2 for SMF 2.1 (current Github release). You can take a look on our test site http://virgo.portamx.com

Download this release on: https://github.com/PortaMx/PortaMx-Virgo-2.0-Beta-2

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Today we released a new Website for Professional underwater and above-water photography.

All photo on this page can be viewed enlarged.

An order or request for the professional photos is also available.

Visit the site http://denne-naturbilder.de
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Today we released the version PortaMx 1.52 ecl for SMF 2.0.x (https://github.com/PortaMx/PortaMx-1.52-ecl)

This version fixed the deprecated error problems of preg_replace calls for PHP versions up from 5.5.
Also we update some other functions.

You can update a installed version and also make a fresh install.
Look at the PortaMx Admin Center to see the Update option.

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We just have updated the GIT repository for PortaMx 1.51 ecl (https://github.com/PortaMx/PortaMx-1.51-ecl)
update all db insert-replace because SMF don't support string indexes in the data array (pew)

SMF hacked...

IMPORTANT: Community security breach

On the 22nd of July 2013, it was discovered that unauthorized access to our website and database has been obtained on the 20th of July.


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PortaMx SubForums 1.41 developed

Today we have developed the version 1.41 of our SubForums modification.
This release works now with SMF 2.0.4 and we have made a lot of bug fixes.

Download on: https://github.com/PortaMx/SubForums-1.41
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