(Crookedstar of Marshclan life as a kit,apprentice,warrior,deputy,and leader) Part 5 The great cry of Marshclan

Crookedriver sat in camp waiting for his siblings and his dad to come back from the border patrol,it almost been a few hours since they left so he decided to go and find them,and he walked out of camp on his way to find his siblings. "Grayheart!? Rivermoon?! Oakrabbit?!" He saw Rivermoon,Oakrabbit,and a she cat he never seen before "What happened?!" Rivermoon coughs "the leader tried to kill us." "Come I will take you to get healed!" Rivermoon sighs "Crookedriver...We can't..... We are dying..... Goodbye." The she cat meowed to Crookedriver I need to tell you something,I am your mom." *Her eyes closed "Dad is Grayheart okay?!" "She is good bye." Grayheart hid behind a tree Tears ran down Crookedriver's face and he saw the leader and hissed "Crookedriver,I planned this to happen to make you deputy,to kill your dad,brother,and your mom. You see my name is not Darkstar, it is Bloodstar!" Crookedriver leaps at Bloodstar biting his neck and clawing his stomach Bloodstar hissed "you must die Crookedriver!" Crookedriver bit his wind pipe and got of of him running to the Moonstone/Moonpool. Getting ready to get his nine lives. Oakrabbit looked at Crookedriver "hello,with this life I give you strength to lead your clan!" Rivermoon walked up "with this life I give you loyalty." "With this life I give you bravery." Silverrose meowed. "With this life I give you power,to protect your clan." Foxblaze dipped his head Mousepelt meowed "With this life you will be great in battles." Webclaw meowed "with this life I give you a loving heart." Birdtail meowed "with this life I give you kindness." Icepelt meows "with this life I give you a good tree climber even though you don't climb trees." Lightflower meows "with this final life I give you the personality to be Sympathetic." Crookedstar smiles and goes back to camp "Tigerlilly,you will be the new deputy of Marshclan."

(Crookedstar of Marshclan life as a kit,apprentice,warrior,deputy,and leader) Part 2 being an Apprentice

Crookedpaw walked out of the apprentice's den and stretched Graypaw meowed "this is fun being apprentice's." "It is." Riverpaw and Crookedpaw replied the leader walked to them how was your training?" *He asked." "Great they all replied." "Riverpaw,Crookedpaw,and Graypaw, go do a dawn patrol I want to see how you do alone." "Okay." *They all replied and went into the forest Crookedpaw looked around and herd something and he ran to see what it was and he saw a dog as he let out a loud hiss and leaped at the dog biting it and clawing it, and Graypaw and Riverpaw did the same thing until the dog went away. "We better go back." Crookedpaw replied "I am not letting my younger siblings leave yet." "Okay." They both nodded and followed Crookedpaw back to camp.
12 moons later "Crookedpaw,Riverpaw,Graypaw,and Stormpaw please step forward." They step forward Crookedpaw thinks I don't remember a Stormpaw. "Do you promise to respect the warrior code no matter what?" "I do." They all say. "Then by the powers of Starclan you will know be known as Crookedriver,Rivermoon,Grayheart,and Stormpelt have fun with sitting vigil for the clan."

(Crookedstar of Marshclan life as a kit,apprentice,warrior,deputy,and leader) Part 3 We are the Warriors

Crookedriver looks in the forest,Grayheart looks to the side of the forest,Rivermoon looks at the other side of the forest,and Stormpelt looks in the back of the forest and finally the sun comes up and they got up and they all go on a hunting patrol. Crookedriver scented the air "I smell rouge." He unsheathed his claws and so did the other cats a rouge jumped in front of them, Crookedriver leaped at him and clawing him and biting him chasing him off. "That was easy" He meowed Stormpelt meowed "I want to know you three more and why don't you look the same like most siblings." "I am Crookedriver, we don't know why we don't look the same nice to meet you Stormpelt." Grayheart meowed "I am Grayheart I am glad to meet you Stormpelt." "I am Rivermoon,hi Stormpelt." "Hi." Stormpelt replied." *And they went back to camp sadly with no prey.

(Crookedstar of Marshclan life as a kit,apprentice,warrior,deputy,and leader) Part 4 The new Deputy

The deputy ran in the forest trying to get away from dogs and he later on died, Stormpelt brought the deputy's body back to Marshclan "I am sorry,he died from dogs." The leader looked at the deputy and jumped up on the high rock "all cats old enough to swim,please gather below the high rock for a clan meeting, our deputy is dead. So I will pick a new deputy." Crookedriver,Grayheart.and Rivermoon looked at the leader the leader looks at the cats. "Our new deputy will be Crookedriver Starclan knows you can do your best at being the deputy." Crookedriver smiles and dips his head with respect. Grayheart and Rivermoon smile "do you want to go on a hunting patrol Grayheart,Rivermoon,and Stormpelt?" "Sure." They all said with a smile and went hunting Crookedriver caught five fish,Grayheart caught three minnows,Rivermoon caught one mouse,and Stormpelt caught two squirrel's. "That's enough prey,lets go back to camp." He meowed and they all walked in camp dropping the prey in the fresh kill pile.

(Crookedstar of Marshclan life as a kit,apprentice,warrior,deputy,and leader) Part 1 kit life

Silverrose began to give birth to three kits and there names are Crookedkit,Riverkit,and Graykit, Silverrose's mate Oakrabbit walked up to her and the kits. Silverrose rolled her eyes "I am leaving you and the kits,I never wanted kits!" And she ran off into the forest Oakrabbit picked up all the kits and went to Marshclan a few moons later Crookedkit meowed at his siblings "come on, lets play moss ball." He threw a moss ball at his younger siblings. Riverkit got up and tossed it to Graykit Graykit tossed it to Crookedkit Oakrabbit walked up to them come on the leader is going to make you apprentices. *Crookedkit ran and sat beneath the high rock Graykit and Riverkit sat beneath the high rock The leader looked at them. "Crookedkit,Riverkit,and Graykit please step forward" They all step forward "do you promise to protect your clan even at the cost of your life?" They all say "I do." "Then until you become a warrior your names will be Crookedpaw,Riverpaw,and Graypaw,Crookedpaw I will be your mentor,Riverpaw your mentor will be Stoneclaw,and Graypaw your mentor will be Skyheart. Starclan honors all three of you bravery."

( Part 2 coming next X3 )

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I dont have a title for it yet but here is a story im currently working on:
Unknown title, yet...
Unknown title, yet...

Hey guys A story I typed

Darkness filled the space and no sound is to be heard. A rustle was sounded. Out came out a small black cat, he turned his head around and tasted the air. Slowly, carefully he made his way out of the bracken ferns. The small body shivered the cold way to the bones. Upon the darkness appeared a large muscular cat larger than the small cat. The black and white patches were bloody. The small black cat crouched into position twitching his tail. His claws unleashed first from one white paw. The claws strengthened with dog teeth gleamed in the darkness. Slowly he moved toward the other cat with no sound at all,and pounced on him. The other cat turned just to see the small black cat pounce on him.
“Scourge, you scared me!” said the patched cat.
“Is it really you, Bone?!” Scourge gasped.
Bone rose to his paws after the blow. He shook his torn pelt, droplets of blood scatter at his feet. Scourge noticed that he was thin, his ribs showed through his thin pelt. His eyes were scared and injured badly then after the Great Battle. He rasped every time he tried to breathe. But what he noticed most is Bone’s dog teeth studded collar, most of the teeth had fallen off or broken.
“Broken BloodClan,” Scourge mutter under his breath. He still could see Bone’s glassy eyes staring at him. He turned around the face him. Bone bowed in front of Scourge.
“Are all the BloodClaner’s dead yet? Scourge asked with a stern face.
Time paused for a moment, and then Bone said:
“Well, some are not most of them maybe are.”
“I guess they are in the same world we are in,”
Just then Scourge’s ears pricked up, a grin spread across his face.
“I got a plan,” Scourge said.
“What do you mean Scourge, we are stranded in the middle of nowhere,” Bone replied.
"What do you mean nowhere, we are now standing somewhere in the Dark Forest," Scourge growled. “I will tell you the plan later, but first, let’s get out of here."

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~*The Cat and the Dog*~

A cat walked out of its house and jumped on the fence, her fur shown beautifully brown and her majestic body effortlessly swayed... Meanwhile a dog came outside and drank from a puddle, he looked at the cat and smiled "Ello! Oh' are you?", He spoke in a friendly tone, very english.
The cat replied "I'm Kathy, and you are?",
The dog looked up at the blue sky "Meh name 's Sky",
Kathy smiled a big great grin "Hello Sky",
Sky smiled too "Well my lady Kathy, want to ride on meh back?",
Kathy thought for one second then answered "Maybe, let me eat first",
Kathy jumped down into her yard and nibbled some food from her dish, she thought for one minute Should I? He's a stranger, but he seems nice... .
She came back and jumped onto Sky "Ready!",
To be continued
((Comment what should happen!))

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