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Hi Guys, doesn't seem to be much discussion recently so thought i would try and get things rolling again!  There's a Business in Slough networking meeting this evening, anyone attending? 

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Who's looking after YOU? Please share for me, and get the word out. 12th, 15th, 27th March, at our Grand Designs house. Who's coming?

Hi Tony
Goals for the first quarter:
To help 6 businesses to grow with Growth Accelerator
To launch Experience Exchange which will link businesses with the Vountary Sector and help more people volunteer locally.
To enhance Corporate Social Responsibility in the Thames Valley.
To agree and launch at least one challenging local initiative with the Bracknell Chamber Council team.

2013 is nearly here, so what are your goals for the first quarter?

Hope you all have a good seasonal break and hope to catch up with you in 2013

Thank you for being early adopters. I want this to be a buzzing community in 2013 so don't be shy. Have a good seasonal break and come back with all guns blazing
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