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The FabKit is now available for order at
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How can I start the test makro for de fabCreator?


First my englisch is not as great 🙁

It´s a sad story my fader (Jürg Moor) die by a car accident
And now i have this laser at Home but i dont now, how to build the laser together??
Can you sand me plans ore samthing??

Thank you for your comprehension.

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Quite busy lately working in packaging the new machines, but had some time for a 'quick' project for a friend. It is the cover for her wedding guestbook :)

Not much going on in here? Is everyone busy with projects? :)

Has anyone cut plexiglass yet on the FABkit?

What thicknesses and speeds? (Just trying to figure out the options)

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My son has a small vegetable garden, and we just built a bird-protection structure to keep birds away... So it needs a sign to complete it...
This is wood from an old Dutch auction fruit-crate...

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New project: engraving and cutting leather...

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A few experiments on the FABkit and LW4 for my (gem)stone provider (his shop logo)...

On wood, agate and opalite, filled and line-art tests!
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Before I start tinkering with settings (I assume this has to do with the smoothie speed/acceleration compensation stuff), I want to check whether other people are seeing the same or not...

When I am engraving a filled vector area, instead of straight, almost vertical sides and a consistent depth, I get a slope from 0 to max and back up again...

Whilst this gives a bit of a hand-etched effect, it doesn't give nice, crisp edges.

* Do others see this as well?
* Can this be remedied by tweaking Smoothie settings
* If yes, which ones should I look at?

TIA & Have a nice Easter Monday (where applicable)
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