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Il gran giorno è (quasi) arrivato! 🎉 🎓
Ci vediamo sabato all'+Accademia Abadir :)

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Ciao +Alessandro Squatrito,
qui il progetto finale #Combinazioni, mio e di +Veronica Gizzi

Grazie per le giornate intensive 💪🏻
#RelationalDesign #FutureDomesticity

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Dear students, just one week for your experience at Casa Jasmina, exited?. I would like to ask you to bring the first day: some post-it, color marking pens and your favorite daily object (if possible) something you use everyday. Something small that you could bring with you. See you soon and warp-up your mind
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#RelationalDesign #CodeCreativityBrief2 #LaRamblaflows
Hi +Marcel Bilurbina Camps, after spending really hot moments with Processing here there is my final version of the project.
Finally, after various attempts, i rather use PVector class and make a symbolic representation. The mouse is the catalyzing point and I decided to emphasize the phenomenon of attraction in crowd. The video don't show the mouse arrow but using the code it is possible to move the flow with mouse movement and mouse pressed. I hope it is not too bad, it was hard:)



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Hi +Marcel Bilurbina Camps,
I have some problems with my project,
As I explained in the first brief i what to show the 'attraction' potential of some element on La Rambla (ex:an artist) and how this attractor can affect the flow.
In these days i work hard on processing but maybe without good result.
I made a class for the people passing on to make them walking more naturally but they rotate too much.
I put the function to create a point of attraction using the mouse but to let it stay in the screen i had to avoid the background in the void draw.
And now i am trying to understand the lay of attraction to make converge the balls around the attractor but i only found out very complicated instructions.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you


È online sul sito dell'+Accademia Abadir il bando per l'internazionalizzazione dell'istruzione e le opportunità di formazione all'estero. Il bando è riservato agli studenti dell'anno accademico 2016/2017 e la deadline per presentare la propria candidatura è il 15 settembre.

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#CameraConVista è un concorso internazionale rivolto a designer, architetti e creativi per progettare nuove forme di ricettività turistica e valorizzare il patrimonio paesaggistico e architettonico del territorio piemontese:
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