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Day 6 after Friday: Celebrating creativity

Hello everybody,

The #creativeHE course is coming to an end. It has been a fascinating journey and we really enjoyed learning with you all. We are amazed how you engaged creatively with some of the daily tasks and also contributed a range of resources.

Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful ideas for a #creativeHE event in 2018. We hope to start planning soon and make it happen. There was also some interest to further explore creative curriculum design and perhaps a working group could come together for this purpose.

Reflect: Today, we would like to invite you to reflect on the last five days.

1. What is the most useful insight you have gained that will influence your future practice? Having experienced a range of arts-based activities and challenges, might you be able to incorporate one or more of the techniques in your own educational practices?

2. Revisit your selfie from the beginning of this week. Is there anything you would change now? Make any changes and share again with us all. Explain what you changed and the reason(s) behind it.

3. Start putting together an action plan that you could use as a scaffold to introduce specific changes in your professional or personal context. What is your rationale for these changes? What do you anticipate achieving? Share your draft actions plans using an arts-based strategy during the day with us all and engage with each other’s ideas for action.

4. Remember to:
have a look at the contributions in the #101creativeideas project at Contribute your ideas to the collection!
claim your participation badges for your work during #creativeHE (see
continue using this community if you have found it useful to share ideas and practices with others

Suggested reading:
Building a culture of innovation in higher education: Design & practice for leaders at:

Thanks again for being with us this week and all your creative contributions which helped us explore together creativity in higher education.

Please feel free to continue using this community space and the #creativeHE hashtag on Twitter and/or Instagram. Creative learning and development has no end ;)

See you online,

Chrissi, Sandra, Shirley and Norman

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Engage imagination in #higherEd with learning opportunities that have dramatic tensions built in--ideas from which you can mediate deeper meaning/concepts/ideas. #imagination 

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Day 5: Learning through making
Almost a month later and I am still catching up with the activities. I really like the ‘speed dating’ and the ‘interactive museum’ ideas that +Teryl Cartwright shared with us.
In a similar vein, I’d imagine a ‘un-conference’ as creative, unusual event to share ways and practices for creativity in HE. Unconferences were initially introduced by Silicon Valley with the aim to bring participants who share the same interests together to an event with no planned agenda. Facilitators set a theme and, it is part of participants’ responsibility to set the topics under discussion during the event. The open agenda allows for innovation, sharing, and collaboration in ways not available at a regular conference and allows participants to learn great things from each other throughout the day.
There could also be an event inspired by the Lost Lectures (to get a flavour of lost lecture events you can have a look here ), in which talks are taking place in ‘secret’ locations in unusual spaces that may foster imagination, far away from traditional corporate and academic environments. We are blessed to be in a city which is full of such places.

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This looks like an interesting bit of research … it seems to acknowledge a problem with people's attitude to and understanding of creativity in a cultural sense. Of the 'dance' in street dance or of the poetry in Grime … usually left in the street although occasionally cultured-up to be colonised by establishment artist so that it can be smoothed and represented and enjoyed by the 8%. The full report Towards Cultural Democracy is published by King’s College London.

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Would you like to share an example of your #imagination-focused practices with other educators? Please get in touch!

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CAM8, guested edited by Lisa Clughen, has just been published. Follow the link to download a free copy.

It is a fascinating insight into a theme we have not looked at before - The Role of the Body in Creative Processes and Practices. Please feel free to share with others. We welcome your feedback.


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Our theories about education, learning, teaching shape how we "see" our students. What do you value?

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This article about Improvisation popped into my inbox this morning which I thought might be of interest:
We could all do with learning how to improvise a little better by Stephen T Asma who is professor of philosophy at Columbia College Chicago, where he is a member of the Research Group in Mind, Science and Culture.

Some nice quotes:
"And the single greatest predictor of quality improv is simply experience. But there’s nothing simple about experience."

"Improv is also highly adaptive because it seeks to fit (adapt) to an environment, to fit a structure to a function, a part to a whole."

"Failing is a major aspect of improvisation. Failure is the thing we learn from, so it’s the cornerstone of productive experience."

"Ultimately, improvising is a form of receptivity to experience, and also a behavioural style based upon that experience. It evolved as part of our cognitive operating system to make good use of available resources. It is a fundamental inheritance, emerging out of our primate evolution. But the narcissistic improviser and the inexperienced improviser – so popular these days in politics and celebrity culture – leaps tragically into delicate situations with no plans, practice, tact or ability to read the room."

Have a good weekend, and if you are entitled to, registered, and in the UK, please don't forget to VOTE!

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