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Exploring the Role of the Body in the Process of Creation April 15-21st 2017

While we may take for granted that musicians, dancers and other performing artists embody their creativity, embodiment is rarely talked about explicitly in higher education teaching and learning practices. Perhaps it's just taken for granted, alternatively we might not think of teachers as performing artists, and then there is the Ken Robinson view!!

This opportunity for conversation is our contribution to this year's 'World Creativity and Innovation Week' and its being led by Lisa Clughen (Nottingham Trent University). We are excited about the possibilities that Lisa is creating for our community to explore new territory.

In engaging with the role of the body in the process of creation we are also exploring the idea of 'ecologies for creativity', which we began last year (see CAM5)
We are particularly interested in exploring the way in which our creativity emerges in and through our actions and interactions with our environment and the affordances, people, materials, tools, situations that are in it.

This is an open exploration and we welcome everyone who is interested in exploring and sharing their perspectives, practices and research.


Norman & LIsa



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Creative Academic Magazine #6 has collated the contributions to the recent Creativity in Higher Education course organised by Chrissi. It provides an easy way to peruse the content which is organised into the daily themes. Its free to download from the Creative Academic website. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

CAM7B 'Creative Pedagogies' will be published next week. It contains a number of articles by people who participated in the #creativeHE course.

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#creativeHE I think that these are great pix +Norman Jackson, +Chrissi Nerantzi
What do you think?

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More on Jigsaws:
These are prototypes of jigsaws of Islamic geometrical designs for young children. I made them with 2mm thick sponge and a cutter plotter, and they are to be used in a creative project with a local primary school. 

Hello everybody,

Please consider participating in the exciting pedagogic innovators project (#pin). See

There you will find the information sheet, the consent form and our survey.

Please share with others who might also be interested wherever they are. Thank you.

Chrissi, Barbara and Norman

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IS DOUBT A KEY MOTIVATOR OF CREATIVITY IN LEARNING? according to Ronald Beghetto and James Schreiber it is.

What propels creativity in learning? In this recently published article Beghetto and Schreiber discuss a long-standing—yet often overlooked—form of reasoning that helps address this question. That form of reasoning is called abductive reasoning (introduced by the early American Pragmatist, Charles Sanders Peirce). Abductive reasoning represents a special form of creative reasoning that is triggered by states of genuine doubt.

Genuine doubt occurs whenever our everyday habits and beliefs fall short in making sense of a situation. In the context of learning, genuine doubt occurs anytime a learner is unable to inductively or deductively reason through an academic task or situation. These states of doubt represent opportunities for creative learning.

The article attempts to demonstrate how abduction and creativity work together in every day learning and how understanding this link help clarify efforts aimed at supporting creativity in the classroom, expand current conceptions of creativity, and provide directions for research on creativity in educational settings.

Do you have any interesting examples of the use of abductive reasoning either in teaching or in other aspects of life?

Beghetto R and James B. Schreiber (2017 ) Creativity in Doubt: Toward Understanding What Drives Creativity in Learning in R. Leikin, B. Sriraman (eds.), Creativity and Giftedness, Advances in Mathematics Education, 147-162 Springer: Switzerland

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How about participating in the lets get creative weekend 2017 April 7-9th and sharing what you do and why you did it?

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This is an open invitation to share your use of social media platforms to promote creativity February issue CAM7

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