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Exploring Imagination in Learning, Education & Practice

Dear members of the community we are pleased to inform you that the latest issue of Creative Academic Magazine is now available. Gillian Judson, who led the recent #creativeHE conversation on imagination, is Guest Editor. The magazine is free to download from our website.

We welcome comments and further discussion on any of the ideas contained in the magazine.

CAM11B will be published soon and this will curate the recent #creativeHE conversation.

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Part II of +kevin byron 's mini-series on the Power of Imagination. Thanks for sharing on imaginED Kevin!

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Stimulating young people's imaginations through RAP THERAPY

I thought Bhishma's article in CAM11A on how he is using rap to engage young people, particularly in areas with gang violence, was very interesting. He is trying to establish his social enterprise and you can help him achieve his ambition to work in schools through his Go Fund Me donations page. Thanks for any help you can give hime.


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Surely your jokin' Mr Bono!

There are so many things that are not true in this quote, and I suppose it highlights above all the danger of using quotes without context in order to illuminate an idea.
It would make a great discussion exercise for groups of students because it raises issues on the following (and we could have the same debate if we substitute imagination for creativity in that quote):

1. What do we mean by progress? (since the dawn of modern humans 200,000 years ago there has been no moral progress, but thanks largely to critical thinking the excesses of immorality have been controlled to some extent through law-making, ethics etc).
2. What's so bad about repeating the same pattern? (we do it every day anyway as most of our behaviour consists of conditioned responses).
3. Deception and Creativity are different outcomes of the same cognitive processes and learnt skills, so if you nurture one you nurture the other!
4. Why is Creativity the most important resource of all? - compared with what? - where's the evidence?
5. What if we substitute 'Education' for 'Creativity' in that quote - does that makes more sense!
6. What about Innovation and progress (of the material kind)? Innovation only works because it integrates critical thinking with creativity.


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Interested in experimental performative teaching and learning in the arts? Six weeks to go until my curated selection of papers for London Conference in Critical Thought, 29th & 30th June 2018, University of Westminster *DETAILS TO COME SOON *

Stream organised by Dr Lee Campbell

with presentations by:

Francesca Antonacci, Paul Antick, Gavin Baker, Birte Brudermann, Lee Campbell, Claire Makhlouf Carter, Jaione Cerrato and Jon Halls, Nigel Grimmer, Mark Hamilton, Christabel Harley, Jennifer Kitchen, Monica Marroquín-Almanza, Ana Milovanović, Lisa Peck, Paul Stewart, Nese Tosun
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A Creative Mindset

I'm sure you can all add to this list but I thought the post was interesting provided some practical ideas on how teachers/education can help cultivate such a mindset. + there are lots of interesting articles on this website

A Creative Mindset looks at problems through the lens of “What if?”

A Creative Mindset is driven by the need to find alternative solutions to any problem.

A Creative Mindset is eager to be adaptable.

A Creative Mindset does not fear risks. In fact, risks are seen as purposeful steps to get to a solution.

A Creative Mindset sees failure as part of the process. Failure spurs more creativity and ultimately paves the way for creative problem solving.

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Creative idea

Imagine a city lit by glowing trees instead of streetlights. Could genetically engineered trees that have been crossed with bioluminescent algae be the emissions-free lighting source of the future?


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Thank you for sharing +Jenny Willis

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Thanks for allowing me to share snippets of your work +Norman Jackson +RebeccaThomas +NicholasBowskill +Sandra Sinfield +Paul Kleiman
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