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Welcome Mission Lovers!!!

Here is the map of Oklahoma Missions:

As you can see, not all the missions have been loaded, help out by submitting your missions and missions within range of your scanner in the submit form here:

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the map or form, please let me know!!

It looks like Tulsa has almost 200 missions just in banners. Am I reading Intel right?

Soooo...mission series. I know that the missions need to be completed in numerical order for the mural to be correct. But:
1. Do you have to do them all at once and not any other missions in between?

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Should we be listing other mission tracking sites somewhere?

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WOW 105 missions now on the map that's enough for the GOLD medal!!!

Add your nearby missions here

and view the map here:

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Dig Deeper: Black Wall Street

What was Black Wall Street, and what happened to it? Dig Deeper and start your learning journey with this mission.

Mission Ratings:
D/W - This mission requires walking for some portions, although driving is helpful.
MD - Moderate difficulty, requires searching for passphrase clues.

All waypoints are located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, OK. This is just north of downtown Tulsa, near the intersection of US 75 and I-244.

Version 1.01 of this mission is now live and available to play.


[Portal] Black Wall Street Memorial
Disorderly History: Cultural Landscapes, Racial
Violence, and Memory, 1876-1923, Chapter 6 

[Portal] JazzGuin Crow Statue (aka Greenwood Cultural Center)
Greenwood Cultural Center Website

[Portal] JH Franklin Greenwood Museum (aka, remains of original Black Wall Street Buildings)

[Portal] Greenwood Historical Plaques

[Portal] Hope Statue
John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation Website

[Portal] Mt. Zion Baptist Church
History of Mt. Zion

[Field Trip] Tulsa Race Riot, 1921
The Official Report of a 2001 study on the race riot

[Field Trip] Devastation, 1921

Share your story:
Leave a comment on this post, or share your learning journey with the #digdeepermissions  hashtag.

Having Issues?
Please contact us before leaving the mission, we want to make sure you have a great time!
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I just updated the database, we now have 81 missions loaded on the map!!

Add your nearby missions here

and view the map here:

Before I can continue I must know. Is it a taught method to dislike a resistance made mission if your a enlightened player? I've noticed a trend. Me and Lloyd have done over 80. We've only disliked one. My thoughts are like it if you like and dislike if you dislike. I have done some research. I can see who has done some of the missions and the ratio of blue vs green matches up almost exactly in all traceable situations. Like today. A new mission came out. 3 blues and 1 green. 75% acceptable score. The 3 blues I know. They all said like on mission rating. Blue created mission.

I will say this. It is very easy to be doing an action as the rating screen comes up and hit not really by accident. Could it be simply this possibility?

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Updated the data base, we are right at 50 missions loaded. Let's keep them coming!!!
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