Every soul yearns for love and care
it’s a natural phenomena
wanting a harmonious life
this is the ultimate happiness
Each soul seeks tender care
longing for protection and respect
human rights shouldn’t be disregarded
transgressors must face justice
Compromise and understanding
are pillars of good living
good reasons and cooperation help endure
a blessed life of togetherness
Where, 0 where on earth
can this be found?
Where, 0 where on earth
can this be seen?
Mankind is crumbling down
hope and trust is disarrayed
by the dark forces of evil desire
Everywhere we see crisis and destruction
war, loss of wealth and life’s oblivion
the poor and the lost gets no attention
the rich, the superpowers terrorise
0 God, you’re our only hope
the Ultimate Protector and Saviour
You’re the Solver of life’s absolution


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Politics as defined in the preface of this book means the knowledge of administration. As such, true politics must mean safety and salvation. That is what is required by the teachings of Allah.

What is meant by safe politics? It means the knowledge and the endeavour to plan, carry out, manage, maintain and upgrade all kinds of spiritual and material development for mankind as commanded and willed by Allah SWT (the Most Pure and the Most High), according to His rules and regulations which is the Islamic shariah.

Because of the fact that Islam means safety and salvation, and because the Islamic way of life is complete unto itself, hence, the knowledge of true administration which gives safety and salvation covers all spiritual and material aspects of the life of mankind. Among these aspects are leadership, education, economy, social, agriculture, stock farming, motivation, health, information, welfare, public relations, military, judiciary and others. When all aspects of living have been planned, carried out, managed, administered, maintained and upgraded according to the teachings of Allah SWT, both spiritually and materially, that is what we call the true system of politics which brings about love, brotherhood and fraternity which in turn will breed safety and salvation.

Those involved in this system, whether they are the rulers who are the planners and decision makers of development policies or they are administrative officers who implement and carry out those policies, or they are just ordinary workers who are involved in the actual work down to the lowest level, are all regarded as true politicians in Islam.

In short, politicians are divided into two groups:
1. Policy makers
2. Those who implement policies

The difference between the Islamic or the true system of politics and other systems of man made or secular politics – be it at the level of the family, group or jamaah, state, nation or empire – is that everything that is done in Islamic politics must always fulfil five conditions. In other words, in implementing the theory and knowledge of Islamic politics, one must always abide by Allah’s laws and regulations. So that the theory and implementation of Islamic politics is consistent and do not contradict each other, and thus accepted as good deeds by Allah SWT.

It must also simultaneously serve Muslims as well as other ethnics, religions and races within a system that is congruent and commensurate with the innate or inborn human nature. If the five conditions are not fulfilled, no matter how great the achievement, it does not become a good deed for Muslims and will not be accepted by Allah SWT. It will go to waste because it does not meet the criteria of true politics. There is no reward for deeds rejected by Allah. The doer is said to have strayed from the path of Allah. The society in turn, will reject it because it goes against the innate nature of mankind. The five conditions are:

1.  Rightful intention (for Allah)
2.  Full observance of Islamic laws and rules (shariah) in implementation
3.  Clearly permissible in Islam
4.  The result and outcome must fulfil the will of Allah
5.  Basic practices of worship are not neglected

     to be continue.....

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We Long For You, O Rasulullah….

This longing feeling,
how do we express it to you O Rasulullah
it has been years since you left us
we are your followers in this final era

In any struggle, it has been a tradition
separation is simply unavoidable
We weep deeply for your departure
Your spiritual presence is much awaited for

Your steadfastness O Rasulullah in facing hurdles
it helps to build up our courage, and intensifying our longing
dawn will surely shine, Islam will return with glory
with Divine’s promise it will be a reality

O Rasul, O Habibulllah
We long for you O Rasulullah
O Rasul O Nabiullah
Please help us, your followers in this final era

Longing is bitter
and yet it is filled with sweetness
please connect your spirit with our soul
and help us to get through this longing

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Selawat Badawi, Moga dapat kerinduan kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW selawat-badawi-jordan-3gp

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Divine and cheerful greetings for all our revered readers.

When we say something which is beautiful and nice, of course we would be interested to see its beauty, regardless whichever point it comes from. However, have we ever realized that behind all that beauty, certainly it would have originated from Allah the Supreme Creator.
The reality, of course, it is Allah Most Divine who created all those kinds of beauty. And if the beauty is quite beautiful to look at, then to have it all, the more beautiful it will be. Because it is a creation of Allah who is Most Beautiful, let us work together to have Allah within our hearts. Having Allah means we have everything in life. Having Allah means we have the beauty of life with Allah.

Among the beauty of life is when we are able to feel that we are having conversations with Him while we are praying. The reality is that we are together with Allah in the same ceremony. God invites us to converse, to relate stories, to worship, to grieve, to moan and to express our love with Him. Allah Most Magnificent with all His splendor and greatness!
Rasulullah is very beautiful. He is beautiful because he is the one who connects our souls to Allah during our prayers. He makes us feel the yearning for his physique, the yearning for his leadership and love. Although we are not able to see him physically but we are very confident that his spirit as the Prophet for the End of Time is still leading his people.

He is also extremely beautiful because, as the Messenger for the people of the final era, he always weeps and prays for our salvation in this world and in the hereafter. How kind Allah is for creating a miraculous creation that is to create a Prophet for the End of Time, who leads with his soul and he even deeply mourns for the fate of his followers.
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