After some research and feedback I have found a discrepancy in the answers I found/got concerning a series of events tied into the number 222. I haven't found much if anything that doesn't really give me the same conclusion, that this has to do with Angel Numbers. If this is true I am in deep trouble...

In the early 80's I moved back to my hometown, where I was born and lived until I was about 9 with my mother, two sisters (one two years younger, the other two years older... There's 222 again with me as the middle 2). I went there to work for my grandfather and was staying with him, in the apartments he had owned since the 40's and where I lived those nine years.

The first few nights were uneventful but that changed when I went to bed on Tuesday night (I don't know if this is relevant but I was born on a Tuesday). It had been a long day and I was beat, falling asleep almost instantly. I was outlie a light, deep asleep when suddenly, as in instantaneously, I was wide awake.

I was on my stomach and my head was turned to the left, looking into the corner where it was always dark but I realized that the usual faint yellow glow from the porch light wasn't there but instead there was a weird bluish hint of a glow.

I rolled over and there, on the bed next to me, was a what appeared to be a small statured girl on her hands and knees looking at me. She seemed to be young, pre-pubescent, naked and had long black hair that covered her face, though I knew she was staring at me, examining me.

We stared at each other for a long time, neither moving (later I realized I had been unable to move but was too caught up in what was happening). I was considering doing something, like reaching out to touch her when, this is hard to explain, she lunged at me without moving. She stayed where she was but suddenly her face was in front of mine, a face that wasn't of a young girl but instead an ugly, disfigured old woman.

It was so startling I jumped out of bed, to find myself all alone in the room, the blue glow gone and the yellow light from the porch back. I looked at the clock and saw that it was I think 2:37am (I don't have my notes from that night with me but it was around that time) I was a little freaked out but put it all off to a bad dream and went back to sleep, waking up the next morning with the whole thing a faint memory.

For the following week everything was back to normal, and my 'nightmare' was forgotten... Then Tuesday night came.

I went to bed and read a little then fell asleep only to wake up in what felt like only a few minutes. I was on my back and could see the light coming from under the door, the porch light, even hear the sound of the TV from the front room where my grandpa and his wife were watching the news. Except that I wasn't in bed, I was a good three feet above it! And outside of my physical body, which somehow I could see though I found I was paralyzed, completely incapable of any movement.

Almost immediately I realized there was a strange sound, a vibration, filling my head. The best way to describe it is it was like the 'sound' you get when you tighten the muscles behind your eyes, that humming roar. I was focused on it and didn't notice another sound, one beneath the hum/roar. It was an odd sound like a cross between mumbling and chittering then it morphed into something akin to the gnashing of teeth with a growling behind it.

When I picked up this second sound it got rapidly louder, not like it was turned up but rather like it had gotten closer. That's when I found myself surrounded by small dark entities that danced all around me, lunging in and back as if trying to find an opening. I felt some fer but then it was gone and I knew,, somehow knew, that all I had to do was move, even if was just a twitch, and everything would be okay. I struggled hard and managed to move a finger, barely and I was slammed down and again jumped out of bed.

This event freaked me out but again I put it off to a bad dream and went back to sleep. Everything was fine until the following Tuesday when the 'entities' reappeared, loud roar, paralysis and all. Every Tuesday night I went to bed and was awakened to find myself out of body, and attacked by these entities, which i never really saw but only had impressions of, lasting for a month and a half, 6 more Tuesdays.

It was unnerving and I was getting jittery. Then I remembered my uncles last wife, Sally, who claimed to be a psychic and well versed in the paranormal. I got in touch with her and explained what I was experiencing. she offered to introduce me to some of the group she hung out with and I accepted the offer to get some insight. I don't necessarily believe a lot of the paranormal being what people claim it to be but I have an open mind and believe knowledge and info is important.

I met her friends and talked to each one, those who felt they could help, giving enough info to get the main idea but leaving out certain details, like the dark entities looking like the Zuni Death Doll from the movie Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black. One explained all about Alpha and Beta Waves, another about Universal Harmonics, but nothing 'felt' right'.

Then Sally introduced me to Barbra Paradisi...

Unlike the others, who seemed to be self absorbed with showing me they experts and had all the answers, this woman was unassuming while giving off an air that there was more to her. She made me feel like she was actually concerned and offered that she needed to know more so I agreed to meet her the following Thursday at her home, when directions to not mess with whatever was attacking me.

I went to her home and we talked for a short time when she asked me if I had any experience with a exorcism, explaining that she didn't mean one like most people think but as a cleansing. I told her I hadn't and she asked if I would agree to having one performed on me. She put me in a hypnotic trance and then did a cleansing, during which time her kids came home and I heard them telling their friends to be extra quiet because 'Mom is helping someone'.

When it was over Barbra was able to describe the entities and asked if I would be willing to do a Past Life Regression so she could see what the root cause was in order to know how to proceed. I knew what that was and thought it would be a new experience so I agreed. Over the course of several sessions she Regressed me a number of times. Several were more telling than others

The first one...

I found myself in pitch black but knowing it was like a Great Hall found in castles. I looked around and saw a light, like the flickering of huge fire, washing a wall made from giant stone blocks. There was a rectangular opening and I could see steps leading down to the source of the light. I approached it and was about to go down when something made me stop and turn.

There, sitting on a gigantic throne made of a single stone block was a massive shadow figure with glowing eyes. It was leaning forward, one hand on a knee and cocking its head side to side as if it was trying to figure out what I was. I stood there staring back and then it leaned forward and reached out a massive hand. Just as it was about to touch me I was out of the Regression and back in Barbra's living room.

We talked about it and she said that this was indicative of having crossed some Dark Power, that it was possibly a metaphor representing a generalization of what happened, something like that.

the second one....

I was standing on a small hill looking down on a barren valley. It was dusk, there were storm clouds in the distance and it was snowing. I looked down at myself and I was dressed in what i can only describe as Lapp clothing, furs made of a patchwork of colored pieces. It was warm in them but I was aware of the biting cold against my cheek and could feel the flakes of snow landing on my face.

When I looked back up I saw two groups coming together in the valley below me, one dressed as I was and carrying torches (I could smell the burning wood) coming from my right and the other dressed in dark robes with shaved heads and the leader carrying a staff that gave off a dark light, if that makes sense.

I watched as they met and began to argue. I raced down the hill, getting between them and yelled at the group dressed like me that the other group were liars and fakes and evil. The leader of the dark group got angry and went on a tirade directed at me but my response was that I didn't care , that he didn't frighten me.

There were a number of others, some lengthy and some short. In many I am taking a stand and in others I am being hunted.

In the end Barbra came to the conclusion that I have a very old soul ( Something I have been told many times by people who never knew any of this) and that in my earliest incarnation I stood up to some Power, that I got between something and someone i shouldn't have and that I was not allowed to get involved with anything paranormal/spiritual until I have been absolved.

I should mention that I was experimenting with astral projection via Eckankar prior to all this. Which may or may not give validity to her answer at what was happening.

What this all has to do with 222 is that whenever these experiences with the entities, and with the first apparition, is that whenever I 'woke up' it was always around 2:25- 2:40am... Because of the different lengths of each event, some longer or shorter than others I have always had a strong feeling the events always started at 2:22...

And finally this...

I had told my friend Eddie about all this and one night I asked him to take part in an experiment with me. We went to my room late at night and he sat on the dressing bench that was against the wall across from the foot of the bed. I turned off the light so the room was only lit by the yellow porch light and sat on the bed, in the middle at the head. I started meditating to astral project, one of the things I was told not to do.

I focused on a spot a few feet above Eddies head and opened my mind. In a relatively short time there appeared what I can only describe as a wall of solid blackness, moving across the room from my left. When it got to me I felt a nothingness where it touched me. It bisected the room, covering my left eye and dividing Eddie in half. that's when I pulled out of the meditation, putting everything back to normal.

Eddie was pale and shaken, I could see this even in the dark. I asked him what he had seen but he kept asking me what I had seen. Because I wanted an uncontaminated result I told him this was about my experience, my experiment, and that this was all to give me answers.

His response, without me saying a word about what I experienced, was that there was a wall of Blackness that made him feel empty when it touched him... and that it came from HIS RIIGHT...

I moved the next day and I never saw Eddie again. His brother told me that two days after our experiment Eddie went to Virginia and was living in some retreat.


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For as long as I can remember i have seen the number 222 on a daily basis... I used to think of it as just a quirk that I happened to notice it, but after time I realized there may be something more to it. Sometimes I will lose track of time and glance at my watch... 2:22... I was working out of town and the only place around to eat lunch was a Taco Bell. I ordered lunch and it came to $2.22... the next day I changed my order and the change from my $5 was $2:22... I saw it driving home from  work every day for a week on license plates... each from a different state. Another time I was driving with my girlfriend and had said I hadn't seen it yet that day, then looked over at a gas price sign. A pole was blocking it so I only saw the dollar portion of the gas prices... 222
    Years ago I found a site online devoted to the number 222 and was amazed at the number of people who were also seeing it... there were lots of theories from its Mayan number representing the time with the Long Count ended to an Angel Number telling me I was on the right path, intellectually, emotionally.... but what my lifestyle at the time makes that hard to believe..
    I had paranormal experiences that centered around 2:22 am every Tuesday...
    I know it all means something... but what?
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