Here's my Character Bio!


Full name: Oonee Frey
Nickname(s) or Alias: none
Gender: Female
Age: “it is not polite to ask a scholar her age” (She’s somewhere near two hundred)
Birthday: (I’ll get back to you on that, not sure)
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Kuroian
Religion: She is a Believer (basically she follows the scientific practice of searching for the most meaningful answer in her life, something done by most Kuroian scholars)
City or town of birth: Semoisi
Currently lives: In her scholar’s apartment in the capital city of Xethye (a country on Kuro)
Languages spoken: Semosian, Common Kuroian, Higher and Lower levels of Scholarly Script (read)
Native Language: Semosian.
Relationship Status: Single and happy about that.


Height: 192 cm
Weight: "Now that is impolite."
Figure/build: Full-figured, a little on the busty side.
Skin tone: Midnight/Navy blue.
Hair color: Minty green, Aqua.
Hairstyle: Her hair is both fluffy and feathery, and is cut short, causing it to puff out at the bottom and around her bangs.
Eye color: Golden yellow.
Tattoos: A little moon right between her eyebrows, the same golden color as her eyes. Signifies the type of magic she uses and the group she belongs to. (Light magic, Night Skye group.)
Piercings: none
Scars/distinguishing marks: Beauty mark below her left eye.
Preferred style of clothing: Flowy and loose, preferably purple.
Frequently worn jewelry: Earrings that loop under her ear and dangles freely at one end; a crescent shaped pendant hanging like a bowl, both of them are a deep red color.
Others: She has a pair of branching horns that are the same gold as her eyes. Effects of a transformation spell gone wrong (she never tried it again).
Outfit description(s): WIP

HEALTH (optional):

Addictions: None
Allergies: Pollen and grass
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None
Any medication regularly taken: Mental capacity increasing supplements, allergy pills.


Personality: Cool and collected but friendly (ish)
Likes: Cold temperatures, silence, being around people she’s comfortable with, walking around the capital’s courtyard when it’s sunny, reading books when it’s rainy, spending a lot of (way too much) time practicing magic spells.
Dislikes: Huge crowds of strangers, humidity “It does harm to my hair,” loud music, dry static/lightning storms, when people talk badly about anything she likes.
Fears/phobias: Getting struck by lightning, accidentally breaking something or skewering someone with her horns.
Favorite color: Grey or purple, hard to choose.

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Race (Shiroian, Kuroian, Earthling, other):
Sexual Orientation (optional):
Current Residence:
Current Occupation:
Faction and Rank (optional):

Weight/body type:
Skin tone:
Eye color:
Eye shape (optional):
Hair color:
Hair Length (optional):
Hair style (optional):
Preferred Hand:
Scars/markings/mutations (optional):
Other features (optional):

Weapons: (Three Max, excluding ammo)
Skills/Special Abilities:
Training (optional):


BIOGRAPHY (this doesn’t have to be long)

"I never knew my universe could become this way. The worldline system is weird."

|| Names|
"Alex Cossack."

"K-11R (Killer)."

|| Gender|
"We're both male."

|| Aliases|
"Kamen Rider Kitsune."


|| Ages|
"16 biologically, but 527 chronologically. I do a lot of universe-hopping, and time flows at different speeds in different universes."

"I dunno. I'm an AI, I've never bothered keeping track of my age."

|| Species|
"I'm human, cyborg variant."

"Me? I'm just an AI who's also living in Alex's body."

|| Appearance|
Alex is about 5"7', with unkempt, curly, dark brown hair that goes down to the base of his neck in the back, and slightly above the jawline on the sides; one bang covers his left eyebrow. His eyes are usually a piercing blue, and his skin is white with a very, very slight tan. He has slight yet noticeable muscle tone in his arms and legs, which only hints at just how strong he is. Alex's teeth are razor-sharp, but only the canines betray this fact. If one looks carefully, they can see a complex network of thin wires running underneath his skin in his shoulders, just above his ankles, and around his eyes.

Alex usually wears black nylon sweatpants, a t-shirt with the Cossack Labs logo, and a blue hoodie with a zipper in the front and a stylized 42 on each shoulder. His running shoes are completely black.

When Killer takes control, Alex's eyes turn red.

|| Abilities + Skills|
//Alex - Normal

Henshein!: Alex can perform a Henshein! to become Kamen Rider Kitsune, unlocking his set of abilities for that form, but locking down any Normal skills with names inside of forward-slashes.

/EDS Access - CL Unit 1/: Alex can access his Extra-Dimensional Storage unit, which contains many computers, a few copies of the same custom-built semi-automatic carbine/twin machine pistols (Nakamura and Dual 404 Error), and cooking equipment. Rented from DropBox at a fee of ¥5.2 million/year for unlimited storage.

/Hacking/: Alex's skull not only holds a 9.5 billion zettabyte HDD, it holds all the hardware needed to allow him to insert his mind into nearly any computer system in order to hack it.

Self-Defense: Alex is well-versed in many forms of martial arts and swordplay, and can apply his knowledge at any moment.

Vision Filter: Alex's eyes are partially augmented, and have a complete HUD, as well as several vision filters such as IR, UV, night vision, thermal, and x-ray.

Eye Color Change: Due to the partially-augmented nature of his eyes, Alex can change the color of his eyes at any time, as well as the retinal patterns. This is often used to bypass or fool retinal scanners.

Internal Vocoder: Alex has a vocoder implant installed, allowing him to alter his voice completely. This is often used to fool voice-based security measures, or scare tourists.

Improvisation: Does this one need to be explained?

Handoff: Alex can hand control of his body to K-11R, who has access to his own set of abilities, but not Alex's sets.

Overclock: When Alex and Killer are in total agreement, they both gain control at the same time. This temporarily unlocks all restrictions on ability use.

//Alex - Kamen Rider Kitsune

Form Change: When in Rider Form, Alex has access to a total of more than 200 forms.

Draw: Due to the basis of Kitsune's access to abilities being Decade's card deck, Alex has to draw 7 cards each time he wants to access an ability and has no cards in his hand, and can only use each card once per draw. This is only for Tournament Mode, and is not used in Real-Time Combat Mode.

Form Combine: Alex can combine up to 4 forms at once, changing the dynamics of the situation for him.


Enhanced Physical: Killer has access to an arsenal of augmentations locked off from Alex, which allow him to push Alex's body beyond it's limits. Leaves Alex with serious cramps, since only Killer has access to the Regen Accelerator.

EDS Access - CL Unit 2: Killer has access to his own DropBox EDS, which holds a Buster Sword, lots of knives, and some tasers.

BEC Discharge: Since Alex's body has to produce more bioelectric charge than the average person in order to power all of the augmentations, there is quite a lot of excess charge. This excess charge is stored in capacitors, and Killer can discharge it for various applications.

|| Relationships|
"None, as of yet."

"What he said."

|| Personality|

Alex is a genius in many ways, and can very rarely be contained; any containment attempts end in disaster. He is creative, unconventional, philosophical, unrestrained, comedic, and analytical.

Alex is also very protective of his friends, willing to risk life, limb, and even his sanity in order to defend them, as evidenced by how he is willing to transport hundreds if not thousands of AIs in his cranial hard drive simultaneously.

_Alex is also very sensitive and empathetic, although that may not always be obvious, since he often makes jokes.

Killing is not a part of Alex's M.O., but incapacitation and/or seriously wounding his opponent is perfectly fine by him.


In spite of his name, Killer does not actually kill. He is somewhat overly confident in his own abilities, which often pulls him and Alex into bad situations.

Killer is constantly trying to convince Alex to let him have control for a full week, since having the ability to freely roam around the physical world is a big deal for any AI.

Killer is also highly intelligent, like Alex, although it may not always show due to his impulsive nature. He isn't as empathetic as Alex.

|| Bio|
"And you think I'm going to put that on a form? Wow, the legal system here sucks."

|| Faction|
Initiative: Division 42: Member (Division 42 has no official ranking system)

Cossack Labs: Founder and Owner
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