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Bobby's Tip for Small Business Owners..

I just would like introduce myself to the community, if I can help you please let me know...

My Expertise in is Sales and Marketing, as a former Marketing Director at Apple I have helped 1000's of entrepreneurs and spoke at many business forums..

Please introduce yourself to me and love to contribute to your efforts and I also do not know all and hope to learn from each of you.

Bobby Richardson

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Ideas can come in many shapes and are successful as long as they solve a problem.

Take a look at this startup and share your opinion., a digital lockbox for your will, life insurance, valuables, accounts, and other vital information, has announced an innovative way to automatically deliver this information to those close to you if you are no longer able to attend your own affairs. And they do it for free.

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Your daily dose of business motivation! Join the hustle community now!

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Check out this awesome new community!!!
#hustle   #business   #entrepreneur  

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Hey entrepreneurs!

For the past couple of months we have been working on achieving our goals. We managed to create awesome community of passionate people, ready to take the risk and follow their dreams.

We were also developing a powerful management system.
Finally we are ready to share it with you and we need your support.
Try out our management system and give us your feedback.

Thank you and you are always welcome to contact us.

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"Asking a person to think out of the box doesn’t help. It sounds to me as an accusation. That’s the reason why I believe that the word ‘motivation’ is misunderstood and misused. Motivating someone to think out of the box is like telling the rabbit to follow the hanging carrot in front of it while being blindfolded." - Jose Morales

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Are you Anxious Entrepreneur?

If entrepreneurship is about doing what you like doing, why do we feel anxious in the process?
As an entrepreneur, once I decide to pursue and embrace a new adventure, I easily find myself resisting what happens (low sales, unmet expectations), and creating fears about the uncertain future. Fear adds wood to the fire, and the anxiety flames with multiple questions and scenarios of failure.....
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