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Name: Lin
Relationship: Single and I plan to stay that way thank you very much.
Parents: Zeus and Hegemone
Status: Kind of liked by everyone but no real friends
Goddess of: Forests
Sacred Animal: Falcon
Personality: Very witty but shy so I never show it. I am in a way everyone's friend yet no one's friend. I like to be alone but I'm very friendly and polite. I love to have fun.

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Here is a picture of my character. I'm sorry I forgot before.

Hello is anyone there?

Name: Lynx
Relationship: Single
Parents: Poseidon (Father)  Demeter (Mother) Khione (Grandmother)
Description: Black curly hair, cocoa brown complexion, green eyes, scar of king chess piece of right arm.
God of :  Chess, small animals(rabbits, bunnies, etc.), lieutenant to Poseidon, and the harvest.
Scared Animal: Bunny

Hello I am new is anyone looking for a roommate.

godess of: acting, writer and imagination
sacred animal:don't have one
powers:can make peaple belive everything i said, , make people imagine things and crontrol theyr imagination
personality:shy but a good actriss

hi i'm new

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name: Aodolin
sacred animal:lion
god of: big cats
parents: Aristaeus god of animal husbandry, bee-keeping, and fruit trees. don't know mom
powers: can turn into any big cat , can talk to animals, and can talk to bees
personality: dangerous when mad curious, and awesome 
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