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Quotes: “Speed, maneuverability, and accuracy are key in a dogfight. If you miss your shot or slow down too much, you're dead. Turn too tight or not tight enough, you're dead."

"Sometimes the only solution for peace is war. But that's a rare occurrence."

"I only do what i believe is necessary. Nothing more."

"One shot can end one life, and save hundreds, if not thousands or millions. As a sniper, it's up to me to take it."

"Those who meddle with time usually never survive. Me? I've got friends in high places."

"A good person never intentionally hurts others, but always take responsibility for the casualties they cause."

Name: Hunter Aurelius Dracon

Age: 27

Hair Color: Black in the winter and fall and spring, silver-white in the summer.

Hair Style: (in photos)

Eye Color: Cyan, but sometimes has veins of electric blue or silver, depending on his mood.

Skin Color: A pale tan-ish pink (In photos)

Scars/etc: Hunter has few scars, and most are too faint they're impossible to notice.

Piercings/tattoos: A pair of black, cyan, and electric blue wings on his back.

Weapons: Several throwing knives, and two double edged blue steel (The material he created that's stronger than celestial bronze and looks way prettier) katanas (in photos), and two combat knives (will have an update for them later on). He also has a fully cybernetic right forearm covered in artificial skin and flesh that has a built in hidden blade. Plus he carries a hidden blade vambrace for his left arm as well.

PSR-37 Wraith Plasma Sniper Rifle: Fires 7.62mm (7.62x54r) rounds Will penetrate 5 centimeter's of concrete at point blank. Max effective distance 2,700 meters. Mag size: 27 rounds. Recharge time (for the plasma mags) fifteen minutes( three turns.) Accuracy: Diversion over 100 meters, 0.27 cm. Caliber: 7.62mm (.308 caliber.) Bullet speed: Mach 7.5. Instakills upon headshot, bodyshots deal 75 damage, critical hits deal 270 damage.

Modified Winchester Model 73 Lever Action Rifle: Stats are the same as above. The only differences between the sniper rifle are these: Lever action rather than semi-auto, the shells come from an enchanted bandoleer that keeps him supplied with the ammunition he needs, it can fire 9 rounds plus one in the chamber, and it is equipped with a removable ACOG scope for long range engagements. This weapon uses Full Metal Jacket 7.62mm rounds (7.62x54r)

Twin modified S&W .500 revolvers, modified to be capable of firing plasma rounds.

Twin Remington Model 1858 revolvers, modified to be capable of firing plasma rounds.

He also carries a plasma pistol based on a M1911, but with a longer barrel and larger magazine. (Similar to an AMT Hardballer)

Godly Parent: Unknown. Suspected to be a rare instance of Artemis, because of his practically perfect aim and skill with an form of projectile weapon, or Ares because of his nigh unparalleled skill in a fight.

Roman or Greek: Greek

Sibling: None

Mortal Parent: Deceased

Bio: Hunter is from Australia, he lost his right forearm to a crocodile attack (description of cybernetic replacement forearm in weapons). He developed his technology with his already brilliant mind and met a being called Clockwork, who is time (There is no other definition of him, he's one of my friend's characters and works in well with Hunter's lore). After that, he discovered an alien ship from a totally different end of the universe and proceeded to go through the ships extensive database of the universe and then built various aircraft utilizing dark matter engine technology and inputting powerful jump drives that allow the craft to jump from one end of the universe to the next in about twenty-seven minutes max, until Hunter made some improvements and brought that time down to seven minute through a meticulous redesign of the jump drives. Afterr some time, Hunter stumbled upon a very intriguing isolated dimension, which he calls "The Forest" which is short for "Silva Clausum en Tempus” which is Latin for "Forest Locked in Time". The Forest is a giant forest consisting of every tree imaginable, but mostly Redwoods, in which Hunter built his new home. The Forest is it's own little pocket of time where sentient beings cannot age and everything outside it seems frozen in time and has anchor-points, which are it's entrances and exits to the outside world and can spit you anywhere in time or space if you're not careful. If you haven't ever found it before, you can only find it by accident. Hunter built his own tree-mansion and an underground complex as well as an airstrip above the treeline. (The Forest will be the site of many of my roleplays.)

Personality: Hunter is a very charismatic person and loves to tease his friends when he hangs out with them. Although, they never last very long, as with his occupation, they tended to die fairly quickly in the past. Now, he tries to avoid relationships as much as possible, even though he's very friendly. In a fight, he's about as cold as you can get and does not show any mercy.

Powers: Hunter has an unusual power formed around dark magic, but that doesn't mean his abilities come from Hades. But something much more powerful and much darker, even though it can only be used for could, otherwise, the consequences dealt to the user would be very severe. Hunter also has a pair of black retractable wings with identical cyan and electric blue lighting patterns.

Crush: None yet.

Pets: Hunter owns an entire pack of wolves, grey and timber, as well as various birds of prey, including some fruit bats, (the ones that look like foxes), which consist of a pair of barn owls and Philippine Eagles.
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Alias: [Optional] Godless Wanderer(character in picture is a personal oc of mine please do not steal )
Name: Azazel Valentine
Age: unknown 20
Gender: male
Race: Black
Species: Mortal
P.O.B: Believed to be from Agora Athens

Quote: Mock me gods above curse me if you will i shall pass you all with nothing but my strength​ and my iron will
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General Knowledge : Technology
1. In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) founded?
A. 1850s 
B. 1880s
C. 1930s
D. 1950s

Ans: B

2. What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?

A. Report 
B. Field
C. Record 
D. File

Ans: B

3. 'OS' computer abbreviation usually means ?

A. Order of Significance
B. Open Software
C. Operating System
D. Optical Sensor

Ans: C

4. In which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur?

A. 1850s
B. 1860s
C. 1870s
D. 1900s

Ans: D

5. '.MOV' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

A. Image file
B. Animation/movie file
C. Audio file
D. MS Office document

Ans: B

6. In which decade was the SPICE simulator introduced?

A. 1950s 
B. 1960s
C. 1970s 
D. 1980s

Ans: C

7. Most modern TV's draw power even if turned off. The circuit the power is used in does what function?

A. Sound
B. Remote control
C. Color balance
D. High voltage

Ans: B

8. Which is a type of Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory?

A. Flash 
B. Flange
C. Fury 

Ans: A

9. The purpose of choke in tube light is ?

A. To decrease the current
B. To increase the current
C. To decrease the voltage momentarily
D. To increase the voltage momentarily

Ans: D

10. '.MPG' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

A. WordPerfect Document file
B. MS Office document
C. Animation/movie file
D. Image file

Ans: C

11. Who is largely responsible for breaking the German Enigma codes, created a test that provided a foundation for artificial intelligence?

A. Alan Turing
B. Jeff Bezos
C. George Boole
D. Charles Babbage

Ans: A

12. Who developed Yahoo?

A. Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson
B. David Filo & Jerry Yang
C. Vint Cerf & Robert Kahn
D. Steve Case & Jeff Bezos

Ans: B

13. Made from a variety of materials, such as carbon, which inhibits the flow of current...?

A. Choke
B. Inductor
C. Resistor 
D. Capacitor

Ans: C

14. The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for...?

A. Video Home System
B. Very high speed
C. Video horizontal standard
D. Voltage house standard

Ans: A

15. What does VVVF stand for?

A. Variant Voltage Vile Frequency
B. Variable Velocity Variable Fun
C. Very Very Vicious Frequency
D. Variable Voltage Variable Frequency

Ans: D

16. What frequency range is the High Frequency band?

A. 100 kHz
B. 1 GHz
C. 30 to 300 MHz
D. 3 to 30 MHz

Ans: D

17. The first step to getting output from a laser is to excite an active medium. What is this process called?

A. Pumping 
B. Exciting
C. Priming 
D. Raising

Ans: A

18. What is the relationship between resistivity r and conductivity s?

A. R = s2
B. R = s
C. R > s
D. R = 1/s

Ans: D

19. Which motor is NOT suitable for use as a DC machine?

A. Permanent magnet motor
B. Series motor
C. Squirrel cage motor
D. Synchronous motor

Ans: C

20. A given signal's second harmonic is twice the given signal's ________ frequency...?

A. Fourier 
B. Foundation
C. Fundamental 
D. Field

Ans: C

i emerge from the forest, my shirt tattered and dripping a little blood


The lights dimmed at Camp Jupiter as the Probatio eligible for their first year of service were called forward and their tablet was taken from them. The Augur said blessings over them and then they were branded with the seal of their Godly Parent....

((+Ezekial ғѧяяѧя and all other Romans))

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