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As you awaken surround in this strange world you are confronted by a women. A tall blonde elven woman that explains to you what this place is. She gives you tips about how its best to avoid the Forbidden forest. Also that the Tree of Life is a safe place where she resides. Who is she you ask? She is the goddess and creator Lily.

(If you have not read the description please do.)
(Map of layout of the world is bellow)

Race: (human elven etc)
Any powers: (abnormal powers)
Any weapons: (weapons you'd carry if any)
Abilities: (anything special you can do like first aid)
Biography: (your story)
(Appearance described or with animated picture)

1. NO GOD characters unless approved by the owner.
2. NO KILLING another character WITHOUT CONSENT of their admin.
3. No posting a RP specifically for sex. Sex is allowed. ASK FOR CONSENT BEFORE INITIATING.
4. To start RPing you must have your PROFILE APPROVED.
5. Have fun.

Owner: +Void​​​
+Angelic Tears​​​
+Andrew Marshall​
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"It isn't my first... Er, ma'am!"

"You're never guaranteed to live the next day, the next hour, the next minute. Hell, not even the next second..."

"Life is something to admire, not to waste."

Name: "My name is Gordon Hillier, waiting for a-ny orders."

Age: "I'm nineteen, yes, a bit young to be looking like a soldier."

Gender: "I'm pretty sure I am a male..."

Race: "I am a Homosapien, which means I am human."

Any powers: "I'm not a superhero..."

Likes: "I like to hunt, nap, rifles, sniper rifles, and ,of course, food."

Dislikes: "I don't like fire, swimming, and the v-voices in my head..."

Any weapons: "I have a dagger, a 9mm pistol, and a sniper rifle."

Abilities: Gordon can walk very quietly (If he walks on leaves, no sound is produced), he is also capable of running for 30 minutes straight without breaking a sweat.


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Name: Ariana
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Felion/Furry/Half-Breed
Powers: I can make a warm climate feel cold and a cold climate warm
Likes: Watching the clouds, feeding deer(if there is any), helping hurt innocent animals, scouting, fighting, hugs, and kittens.
Dislikes: Storms, bears(too threateningly), watching an innocent animal die without doing something, waiting for something to jump out at me at any second, making friends cause they could be taken away at any second, slaping unless its self defence, and the man who killed my parents
Weapons: A hunting knife made out of copper, Long bow, and a quiver of arrows
- arrow type 1 is cold
- arrow type 2 is fire
-arrow type 3 is just a bit faster
Biography: When I was born my father stayed away from me and rarely even spoke to me, but my mother told me to never let anyone judge or tell me of what to do. My mother was the one that taught me how to use a bow and arrows growing up since I was 12 up to 20, thats when both my parents were killed. I was forced to live somewere else and while on the run from the man that slaughtered my parents, it was hard to survive, but I survived for my mother; I would always tell myself to never let anyone judge or tell me what to do. One cold, snowy, night, I was hunting for food when I found a frozen pond. I had gotten an idea and had started chipping the ice unit I had a piece of ice in my hand that was as big as a 1 dollar coin and was as thick as a grown mans thumb, I then started chipping, and carving the piece of ice to an arrow head. Every winter I had started to make thoses arrow heads and using them against others. One morning I had woken up to the sounf of my fire that I had made the night before. As I poked the still slightly burning coles with a stick I thought about how I had fast flying arrows and freezing cold arrows. As I thought of this I had started carving an arrow head out of a still sizzling cole and a few minutes later I had made myself anothe type of arrow that I could/would use. I then kicked dirt on top of my fire and started walking towards the pong were I had first made my freezing cold arrow head and remembering my patents as I could almost feel their presence.

Are we alowed to be anything eles than humans and elves?

| "Even the longest lost can be found." |

He woke up with a start. His head ached and his body was sore. His openefbut immediately shut as all he could see was white. He was laying facing up and looking directly at a source of light. He tried to get up, his eyes still closed, and stumbled before falling. He opened his eyes again, making sure to look at the ground, and got up. He was very off balance as he did so. He looked around and finally absorbed his surroundings.

The ground was dirt with big chunks of it clumped on the ground. All are around were big blades of plant matter and it took him a second to realize it was wild grass. More than ten times his size, each blade was a green tower. Looking past them, he could see impossibly far and large trees, the healthy brown bark leading up to dark leaves. He was still numb to his surroundings, so he regarded it all will curiosity over anything else.


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Name: Ophelia Dubois
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair: Choppy blonde hair, cut short to her shoulders.
Eyes: Light blue, with an icy aura around them. Her eyes are colorblind where she can't tell the difference between red and green. She hates this factor and it makes her very sensitive.
Complexion and skin: Pale skin, with a light spotting of freckles. She has a large scar starting in front of her left ear and ending at her collarbone.
Build: Ophelia has a fairly light and flexible build, but she's much stronger than you may think.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Likes: Solidarity, having lots of space, competitions, sour candy, and climbing trees.
Dislikes: Swimming, losing, being unwanted, passive people, boredom, and eggplants.
[Elemental Manipulation]
Ophelia can control the four basic elements - fire, water, earth, and air. However, she can only use it when she is in human form.
She can also shape shift into almost any object and take on their attributes. Ophelia is limited only to people/things she has seen before. Therefore, she can't change into anyone she ever met.
Weapons: She has two small throwing daggers that she found and a bow with a quiver of arrows.
Bio: Ophelia doesn't remember her parents, because they put her and her older brother Theo up for adoption when she turned 2. Theo never really wanted to talk about them. Her and Theo were extremely close. Nobody ever adopted her, making her keep mostly to herself as she got older. However, when Ophelia was 13, someone adopted Theo, but not her. The separation between Ophelia and Theo devastated her. So, she ran away from the orphanage, and went looking for Theo. Along the way, she ended up here. Ophelia's memory is a bit patchy around that area. She first remembers getting her powers when she came here, but she doesn't know why. It might be the change of atmosphere or Ophelia could've eaten or touched something she shouldn't have. But, she doesn't really care to find out. She's been in this every since she was 13, so she knows her way around. The first few years were horrible, but she got used to it. Now, she doesn't really mind it.
Other: Ophelia's become quite a hunter in this world, for food and to look for new forms. It's become quite a pastime for her, so she doesn't get bored.

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"No matter where I go I am always home, for the water is my homeland. Where there is life there is water, no matter how far you roam."

*Name: Aquine

Young adult
(under 25 in human/nymph form)

<In years>
..About 50
(her race ages about twice as slow compared to humans)

*Gender: female

*Race: merfolk

can turn into three different forms:
•Nymph (halfway between human and Merfolk)
The process takes a day to complete and she can stay in each form for about four months before having to change into one of her other forms, due to medical perposes.

<Water Manipulation>
When in nymph form but very minor

*Likes: any form of clean water, reasonable humans, riptide riding, small fish, the stars, the moon, tormenting sailors and fishermen, braking human fishnets, the legends of her tribe

*Dislikes: Polluted water, ignorant humans, fishermen, fishnets, sea storms, alcohol, the leader of her past tribe, being alone

<Three small daggers>
Good for throwing, easy to conceal, and are made of some of the strongest materials found in the ocean

•can speak both Human and Merfolk tongues and write in both of their hands
•has what sailors call the song of a siren
•can navigate nearly any waters
•has moderate/advanced skills with dagars
•has moderate survival skills

Aquine was born into a prospering tribe of Merfolk secluded in the world's largest coral reef, undiscovered by humans at the time. Growing up she went to school and was taught about her tribe and all of the customs, she made friends and had adventures with them. When she was older Aquine's shape shifting abilities started kicking in and was soon taught how to control them.

Shortly after mastering her forms the young maiden was taught the human tongue and hand. This being meany years after her birth humans had come off of their island and started to fish in the oceans. It was rare for any of the Merfolk to be captured although not unheard of. To be taught the local human's language and writing gave them a vital tool in possible survival if one where to be captured.

After schooling the young adult Merfolk are sent away from the tribe to live on their own for a year, so they can live out one shift cycle in each form alone. This is so that they can gain a better understanding of them selfs and to hone their skills. Often enlightenment of what one's fate is found in this year as well.

The year had passed with incredible slowness, this being one of the loneliest times in Aquine's life. She had gained vast knowledge of herself over that year, such as what she believed her prepose was.. To guide away the ever nearing ships from her homeland. Upon returning she revealed to the tribe elders of her believed purpose and where very leery of it, insisting that she must have misunderstood the message that the spirits tried to tell her. To this Aquine refused insisting that it was her purpose however the tribe leader Sedune along with the tribe elders forbade her from doing so. She pleaded with them insisting that the sailors and fishermen would return to their waters once they noticed all the fish they could catch here. The femfolk's words fell onto deaf ears as she was forbidden to leave the territory of the tribe. Over the years however Aquine's fears had come to life as more and more boats started to fish in their territory, stealing the merfolk's food supply and endangering them.

As the days passed Aquine became more and more determined to rid her tribe's territory of the humans. Late into the night she managed to slip from the village and out into the vast sea. Finding the fish nets with ease she began cutting the traps that held their fish but made sure it looked like they naturally broke. By morning Aquine had snapped all but two of each fishing ship's nets. Returning home as the first rays of light traveled over the village, a feeling of purpose once again found it's way in her soul. Going out every other night she soon noticed progress as less and less ships started to return after a few weeks.

This did not discourage the older sailors whom started leaving heavy wights and hooks on their nets. Hoping to capture whatever monster that was destroying their nets. Aquine wasn't afraid of the traps that awaited her though she took more caution at first before settling into a norm.

<How she managed to get here>
There was a great storm out over the sea one night while Aquine was out freeing the tribe's fish. It came so hard with little warning that she became caught on some of the hooks on the net. It was beyond painful as she tried to move her impaled tail, the hook catching deep in the fin and muscle.

Red began filling the water around Aquine as she tried in vain to free herself. The feeling only getting worse as the net was yanked up making her cry out in agony while holding onto the ropes. Her cry going unheard due to the heavy storm. Thunder shaking the air as lightning cracked across the sky, rain coming down harder then any riptide. 

Aquine's vision blurred as she was lifted out of the water as she frantically gasped for breath, unused to how thin the air was. Suddenly being lurched to the side the femfolk felt the hard and cool surface of the deck as she laid on her side. Knowing that it was almost as fatal as it was useless she laid still and waited saving her strength.

Being very weak by the time the crew had found her, she was almost mistaken for dead. Her breathing being labored and her body fairly limp, tinges of scarlet swirling into the thin coat of water around her. When they neared she tried to act strong and unafraid with little success. The crew was shocked to say the very least as they cut away the hook that was imbedded in her tail. Aquine had passed out a few moments after vaguely aware of being picked up before being set dropped. As her awareness slipped she felt her breathing become easier. 

When her eyes opened next all she saw was black as she felt herself quickly sinking deeper into the endless darkness. Fatigue was slowly overtaking Aquine once more as her eyes closed greeted by the all too familiar darkness before everything went numb. In what she believed to be her last moments she took comfort in dying in the water instead of on one of the retched human crafted boats.

To her great surprise Aquine woke once again in a rather deep sand bar. Slowly lifting her head she looks about, having never seen this place before. After a moment she looked down as the pain in her tail was still there. With a sigh Aquine gazed unhappily at the hook, knowing she'd have to break the speared tip before removing it all. Gazing about once again she tried to spy a large enough rock to do it with.
((To be continued...))

*Appearance pictures

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((Open! Please respond with two lines at least and no text talk. Thank you!))

Aquine was slowly dragging herself to the shore unable to swim properly with the injury to her tail. She had thought of changing her form before realizing it would completely drain her of all the energy she had as well as causing a lot of damage as well. Feeling weak Aquine stopped close to the shore before closing her eyes and resting. A soft breeze came through the aria, the sound of the water brushing over the rocks and the forest's quiet noise just beyond. The aria was quiet and serene giving the injured femfolk a sense of peace and newfound determination.

After a few moments Aquine began to slowly move into shallower water. The sun warmed her blueish skin as she ventured on, closer to the pebbly beach. Just as the stones where almost in reach she froze as a loud trampling sound came from the forrest. Snapping her head up she pressed closely against the sand as her eyes captured a glimpse of a figure before completely submerging under the water. The water was slightly mossy giving Aquine a little cover as she laid stock still.

The moments seemed to drag on as she suddenly felt the water chill making her tense instinctively and look up. Not seeing anything she trusted that the figure had left but was still on guard. The warmth slowly seeped back into the water as she rose slightly. Moving forward just a bit more Aquine reached into a small clump of stones before pulling out one. The rock was slightly rough and slightly large but small enough to fit in her hand.

Turning her back to the coast she gently moved her tail to see the damage. The wound was hard to look at since it was so close to the base of her fin. She began to carefully file away at the hook's spear like tip enough to where it would be safe enough to pull out. It felt like hours had passed while she slowly filed away with little progress. Almost ready to stop Aquine slowly placed down her tail only to feel a shadow loom over her. Knowing it wasn't wise to flee at the second she turned her head very slowly to see what was behind her. 

Anyone want to rp?

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"This place is different from my home. Everything is so......big."

Name: Tainī Kirā

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 6mm

Species: Human

Sexule Orientation: Straight

Personality: Tainī is not one for horror or uncomfortable situations. Often things will move him from his comfort zone and he would be off set. Violence, fighting, and anything to do with conflict are things that do that.

Likes: Tainī likes peace and times without conflict. He usually feels better with numerous allies to protect him.

Dislikes: His dislikes run in line with his personality, which dislike any form of conflict against him. He was not a fighter in his world, and he wasn't one on his way to the lost realm.

Powers: None

Weaknesses: He is smaller than average, not having any real strength to him.

Abilities: Using a arm mounted grapple, he can move through areas with lots of tall objects with ease, maneuvering through tress carefully.

Bio: Tainī was born on a planet of great science. He was the next in a wealthy family bloodline of engineers who set up a crew corporation, supplying engineers to maintain the large airships that filled the skies. He was trained on how to maintain one and was taught the schematics of every ship invented, both civilian and military.

He had chosen the life his family had participated in as it was safe. He worked on merchant ships for the most part and was a good engineer, earning a reputation for as he was at such a young age. This would be attributed with the fact that he had disappeared one flight.

How you got here: Woken up one day here after falling off a ship during a run in with pirates.
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