Does anyone know of examples of Ceylon with RxJava?
Thank you, Oscar

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I will try a little more of this Java Repulic Ceylon black tea it looks really good.
Keep up the good work !, :-)

Hello guys,

I'm in contact with Ceylon like 6 months now. The user's community is awesome, congratulations everyone!

I searched for a time and didn't found any objective answer about it so I'm asking here again:

- Do you know any Ceylon project in production?
- Are you using Ceylon in any personal / comercial project?
- Do you know any Open Source project that is using Ceylon?

Would you use Ceylon in production nowadays? Why?

This is all research I'm doing! Thank you, everyone!

Ceylon & Vert.x ?

Is it possible to use Ceylon with Vert.x ? Thy are both good Red Hat products it should be possible to use then together.
I am very new and building my understating in both, but Ceylon run on top of JBoss modules and Vert.x looks to have is own module system are thy compatible.
I guess one could always produce javascript from Ceylon and run it on Vert.x.

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A quick comparison of three new JVM languages: Kotlin, Ceylon and Xtend.

Were can I find a good example of xml builder using Ceylon the equivalent of what exits in Groovy with builders and MarkupBuilder ?
Thank you, Oscar

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I wrote some items on Ceylon in the Slant topic on languages compiling to JS:
Do you have other pros?
And upvote!

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