Yuma looks out over los nochas home to the espada. She looked behind her as she heard someone approach.

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Name: Yuma
Age: Unknown
Race: Espada 
Appearance: The picture is of her release form. She normally has short white hair and golden eyes. (In release form her eyes are silver) Her mask appears like as a chocker necklace. 
Sword: Hosie (Black bird) 

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Name: Carrean Nathari
Age: 18
Race: Half Espada, Half human.
Family: Twin sister Kaira nathari
Appearance: Left girl in picture.
Weapon: Short blade Katana made from dark steal and demon bone.
Carrean is nothing like her sister. She is happy and does not sense things or see them though she knows they are there. Though she is half espada and owns a weapon she does not use it. As far as anyone knows she is a normal human.
Name: Kaira Nathari
Age: 18
Race: Half Espada, Half Human.
Family: twin sister Carrean Nathari
Appearance: Right girl in picture.
Weapon: Long blade Katana made from white steal.
Kaira though she looks like Carrean is much different. She has a darker mind set, and sees and senses "Things." Being half human she grew up normally (more or less having an Espada mother) She is sort of a mute... though she will talk if she trusts you.

kaira stands without her sister Carrean looking over the flat grassy field.

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name: kai
age: 19
escaped the hell society and is now wanted from everyone inside the hell society
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