Fellow analytics/BI community:

Are you using advanced machine learning learning, data mining, or statistical computing techniques to advance the university mission? Are you doing something exciting with graph databases (e.g., Neo4j), parallel / multicore processing, or distributed computing (e.g., Hadoop, or Spark)?

Though these "big data" technologies are being widely adopted by industry peers, I'm unsure of their reach in the U-M BI community. Please let me know if you're using any of these tools-- I'd love to network!

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This is a great opportunity to learn R. The AA R User Group is a solid outfit.

Good morning! Just wanted to pass along the following announcement from the IQ group:

IQ launches Data Concierge pilot

IQ recently launched a pilot of Data Concierge, an ITS service that delivers administrative and learning management data in a consistent, timely, and secure manner. Previously, requests for administrative data sometimes took months to fulfill, and requesters were not always kept informed of progress. Data Concierge aims to create a one-stop shop for university data needs. Requests for administrative and learning management data routed to ITS will now be captured in ServiceLink and managed via a consistent process. With Data Concierge, U-M administrators will be able to better meet the changing operational needs of the university and improve efficiency.

For more info, visit the IQ website: http://its.umich.edu/iq/services

Good morning -- I'm wondering if anyone has already created a custom geocoding csv file for Michigan. I am creating a workforce map and Tableau is not finding all of my cities. Before creating my own, thought I'd reach out to the community here. Feel free to email me at samici@umich.edu


As a reminder, the Campus Tableau production server will be updated to 10.1.3 this Saturday starting at around 11PM. The update is expected to run 2 hours, but could run longer. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Greetings campus Tableau users! We are looking to add a point release to the Tableau servers to resolve some known issues with 10.1. Non-prod will be down today starting at 11AM for about 2 hours to patch to 10.1.3. Production is slated to follow on the evening of the 21st.

Fellow Tableau Users,

Has anyone out there put together a process flow and work plan for managing and refreshing the data sourcing Tableau publications?

I feel good about the options and features surrounding non-file-based data sources, but not so much about file-based (such as Excel). It doesn't appear that there is fully automated/fairly easy way of refreshing data for server-published viz's that use these data sources.

Does anyone have experience with this end-to-end process and/or resources to share?


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The campus Tableau production server has been upgraded to 10.1.1. Please contact 4help@umich.edu if you have any problems or concerns.

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The Annual Programs team in the Health System Office of Development currently has an opening for a Business Analyst.

Please share with any candidates that may be interested and feel free to reach out to me with any questions at krriegle@umich.edu.


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