i walk through a forest spaced out my bow on my back and i say out loud to myself why? (open rp)

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Name: Lila
Age: 16
Gender: female
personality: nice can get really mean 
likes: shooting my bow
dislikes: anyone touching my bow without me saying they can
species: human
bio: she doesn't say but she never misses a target you'll have to be really fast for her to miss or better then her

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hello i'm new here

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Name: Kureha Gakupo (nicknamed) Queen of the Dead
Age: ??
Likes: Books, Blood, Darkness, Torture, Fighting
Dislikes: Light, Water
Bio: Nothing s known about her except that she is disguised as a girl with brown hair and eyes...But not many have lived to tell the tale...and those who have are too frightened to say absolutely ANYTHING...
Personality: Cheerful, Friendly (normally) Evil, Cruel, Sadistic (all the time)
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playing flute softly in a tree when

punching dummies with bloody knuckles IM GONNA GET STRONGER!!

(( im bored rp anyone ))

+Joshua Clayton-Hawkins 
walks around, feeling the sand under her bare feet

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name: lucianna
age: 19
gender: female
species: human
likes: protecting others, reading, having fun, hugs, eating, sleep, flirting
dislikes: mean people, know it all's, popular people, and annoying people.
 bio: well she has the perfect life her parents put her in this school and find a profession.
personality: a bit shy, outgoing, social, sensitive, and alot more.

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Name: Steven
Age: 30
Gender: M
Species: Human Warrior
Likes: Duty, Getting things done.
Dislikes: Distractions
Bio: From a Young age he had always shown that he was better than others his age at fighting, and Was granted his weapons.
Personality: Duty/Honor bound, Once he sets his mind to something, He will get it done
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