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To get started with the beta, join this community and opt in to the beta.

Hi Andy, I've just upgraded my mobile to a Galaxy S7 and after reinstalling the app and plugins I can't get the Scorby MP3's working. One main difference is that the S7 has internal memory only - I have saved the MP3's into \storage\podcasts\bible but still no joy. Any suggestions? Thanks

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I've just posted a fix for the typo in 2Kings25v12 in the KJV plugin.

Please can you give it a try - you need to use the link above to enable the beta for the JKV plugin (this is a different link to the one you used before for the main app).

Any issues, let me know.



Hi Andy,
I love this product and have been recommending it to Brethren & Sisters where ever I go.
Last week, I run an update on a couple of myself a bible versions. Since then I cannot open the mysword reading mode unless I have myself a open already. It will just tell me mysword has stopped.
Funny thing is my phone does exactly the same & I did not run the upgrades on that.
Anyone's on how to correct that???

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Anyone spotted any bugs in last night's beta update of summaries and e-sword study button?

Love being able to go to MySword from the app. Would prefer to go straight there from the main page, rather than through a study link. I tend not to use the app for actual reading so would prefer to be able to configure what the 'read' button opens. Thanks Andy

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Anyone notice any last minute show-stoppers from today's beta release, before I put it into the wild?

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Reminder: To get the beta version of the app, you need to (in this order):
1. Join this Google+ community if not already
2. Enable Readings beta 
3. Enable KJV Bible beta

You should then be able to:
- Switch day/night colour scheme
- Swipe between chapters of the day
Coming Soon:
- Pinch zoom
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