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Vellanad amma is the rebrith of the incarnation of Adhiparashakthi.The incarnation of devi is to kill Dharikasuran, who ruled the three world under his control. Sree Bhadrakali is the first diety of Vellanad sree Bhagavathy temple This temple is of 800 years old. The main installation of Vellanadu devi is brought from a seashore village near to Thiruvanathapuram and was installed according to the ritual poojas. 
             A famous architect built the sculpture for conducting the "Dikkubali". The temple is thousand years old was the another legand. Vellanatamma is the incarnation from the third eye of the lord Paramashivan and was named as Sree Kandakali by him.There are two places named Porittakavu near Varkala and Thalayattumoozhy near Venjaramoodu, in which the fight was happened between the Kali and Dharikan, and after killed him, the devi reached the place, which is rich in prosperity and she took rest there. Devi desires that her spirit must be there in that place.By years later, that place became the Vellanad In the begining, Bhadrakali pooja was conducted in the Vellanad devi temple. when the pooja was hand overed to the Brahmins, the Bhadrakali pooja was changed to Bhagavathi pooja in Vellanad temple.The character of the devi changed because of the change in pooja but the rituals and believes is still continuing on the festival days and some of the examples 
                                                   are Thookam,Paranettu,Nilathil poru,Kuthiyottam,Thottum pattu, Thalapoli etc. By conducting the Thookkam and pooja to the Vellanad amma she will cure the illness and give child fortune for those whose suffer. By conducting the Swayamvararchana pooja the ladies will be getting engaged to their marrage soonly. From different places the ladies are coming to the temple daily for conducting the swayamvararchana pooja. Years ago,a baby was born in Vellanad as blind.The mother took the child to the Vellanad temple and prayed to the Devi with tears on her eyes.Devi blessed the child with vision of sight. Today the child become an youngman and used to come to the temple everyday
              A seven year old girl was born with disease by birth and the doctors predicted that the disease was uncurable, but by the grace of Vellanad devi she got her life back. Vellanattamma is the shelter and peace for those who feel grief. She is the spirit and prosperity of the devotees.She is the light and guide for Vellanad people The ten days festival ends on the Devi's star day "Bharani" of the malayalam month "Meenam". The main rituals held on the meenabharani festival where the Thookkam,Kuthiyottam,Thalapoli,Poomala,Urul,Ponkala etc. On the nineth day of the festival, women devotees dedicate a ponkala to devi for their wish to come true.In the festival days, 
the feeling ignorance and pride like the flames of fire that overcomes the darkness 
                  Years ago the pooja was held on only friday.Later, it was on tuesday also.Now the pooja held on all days. Pooja, ganapathihomom, kalabhabhishekam uchapooja , Deeparadhana, Athazhapooja then after sreebali.This is the order in which the pooja held in this temple.All special occasions such as chingam frist of malayalam month, Thiruvonam, Navarathri festival, mandalachirappu, thrikkarthika etc, the temple celebrate the festival grandly. In the malayalam month of chingam first there will be a special pooja and laksharchana then as the part of navrathri festival, on the durgashtami day, books and many other things are kept for pooja and in the vijayadashami day, early morning 5:30 there will be ashtadravyamahaganapathihomom. Thenafter hundreds of childrens are placed infront of goddess and starts their primary writting and opens the door of knowledge. These are the rituals that held in Vellanadu bhagavathy temple. Once in every two years as a part of parnettu there will be dikhubali and nilathilporu will be held.At the begining,the dikhubali was held only the four corners of the place.Then onwards it was held in front of every house with a built-in shed.Now some rules are made to the dikhubali that there include a twenty members for the common shed. Every Pournami day there will be Aiswarya pooja and is participated only the women devotees. Once in every month of "bharani" day there will be aghandanamajapam and annadhanam will be held as devotees vow, first day of every month there will be conducting Devi bhagavatha parayanam. There is no evidence for how the name Vellanad came.There are many legands behind the word "Vellanad".One of the important legand is that there is a relation between the Vellanad panchayath and the architect Mr. Thirumala Naik of South India.There is a horse path from Madurai,the capital of Mr .Thirumala Naik to the South Kerala via sherlacode and kottor mala. During that period this capital was ruled by the Queen named Kalimuppathana.Mr.Thirumala Naik decided to attack the capital. In that era, when they are deciding to attack one country ,they should try to collect all the details about the situations of agriculture and many other factors in that country.
A soldier is appointed for the spy work by Mr.Thirumala Naik. But by seeing the Queen of the capital the soldier forgot about his duties and stayed there.Finally Mr.Thirumala Naik captured the Kottoor capital and extended it to Anathapuri. so it might thinking that these attacks were gone through Vellanad .Some legends shows that the division of Naik's family members were stayed in Velloorkonam near Vellanad .Todays Thirunelloorshala shiva temple was costructed by the Naik's family
  The meaning of the name of the temple raised from  the Tamil word.If we are spliting the word Thirunelloor  then it may be as follows Thiru=Sree,nallu=good,  ooru=place.If these predictions are correct then Naikar  was given the name as Vellanadu for the memory of his  place Vellanad Madurai.Later the name was changed as   Vellanad There is also an another legend behind the name  Vellanad.One reason behind this Vellanad is that because of the place of Valluvan it is named as Vellanad .But there is no evidence to proove that why these valluvan army came to Malabar.And other legend says that this Vellanad name came because of Vellalar. FOR MORE DETAILS PLZ VISIT :

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Loka Veeram Mahaa Poojyam Sarva Rakshakaam Vibhum
Paarvathee Hr.uthayaanandham Saasthaaram Pranamaam Yaham

VipraPoojyam Visva vanthyam Vishnu Sambho Priyam Sutham
Kshipra prasaadha Niradham Saasthaaram Pranamaam Yaham

Maththamaadhanga gamanam kaarunyaamr.utha Pooritham
Sarva Vignaharam Dhe'vam Saasthaaram Pranamaam Yaham

Asmath kulesvaram dhevam Asmath Chathru Vinasanam
Asmath Ishta pradhaadharam Saasthaaram Pranamaam

Paandyesa Vamsa thilakam ke'rale' Ke'li Vigraham
Aartha Dhraana Param Dhe'vam Saasthaaram Pranamaam Yaham

Thr.yambaga Puraadheesam Ghanaadheepa Samanvidham
Gajaarooda maham Vandhe' Saasthaaram Pranamaam Yaham

Siva Veerya Samuthbootham Srinivaasa Thanoothbhavam
Sikivaahaanujam Vandhe' Saasthaaram Pranamaam Yaham

Yasya Dhanvandhareer Maathaa Pithaa Dhe'vo Mahe'svarah:
Tham Saasthara maham Vandhe' Mahaa Rogha Nivaaranam

Boothanaadha Sadhaanandha Sarvabootha dhayaabara
0Raksha Raksha Mahaabaaho Saasthre' Thupyam Namonamah:

Aasyaama Komala Visaaladhanum Vichithram -
Varsovasaana Marunothpala Vaamahastham
Uththungarathna Makudam Kudilaagra ke'sam -
Saasthaaram Ishtavaradham Saranam Prabathye'

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योगीश्वरो महासेनः कार्तिकेयोऽग्निनंदनः ।
स्कंदः कुमारः सेनानीः स्वामी शंकरसंभवः ॥१॥

Yogiishvaro Mahaa-Senah Kaartikeyo[a-Aa]gni-Nandanah |
Skandah Kumaarah Senaaniih Svaamii Shankara-Sambhavah ||1||

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Panachikkadu Sarswathi devi Temple , Kottayam , Kerala

This temple is known as Dakshina Mookambika in South India. Eventhough temple is famous for Saraswathy devi, the main deity is Maha Vishnu. One should first worship Maha Vishnu first before worshipping Saraswathy as a custom. You can see Ganapathy, Siva, Sasthavu and Yakshi as sub deties here. 

There is no special shrine for Saraswathy devi. On the southern side of the Vishnu shrine a small pond can be seen. The speciality is that this pond is with plenty of waterful through out the year. The idol of devi is beneath the pond. A creeper in the pond serves as a structure for devi. The unknown things is that the creeper (plant that grows by creeping) with plentiful leaves is never grown. Growth is static, neither increases nor decreases in size. This serves as structure from the time the Devi was worshipped centuries ago. And also this creeper had never flowered and never fruited. The idol of Yakshi is installed under an Elanji tree and Ezhilam Pala trees with no cover on top. 

The legend is, Kuzhipuram illam once had no boys to carry out the temple rites. A distressed elder of the family went to Mookambika for her blessing. After spending years in the temple the old man returned dejected. On reaching Panachikadu, he decided to have bath in the temple pond. He put his Olakuda (umbrella made of palm-leaf) on the southern side of the temple and went to the pond. After bath when he tried and lift the umbrella, it is noticed that it stood firm on the ground and at the same time he felt an intuition as if Mookambika Devi telling him I am residing in the umbrella and advising him to install there an idol lying in the nearby forest. The Namboodiri did as per the instruction of devi. Later a small pond appeared where the idol was installed and the idol went beneath the pond. The temple till then known as Panachikkadu Vishnu temple came to be known as Panachikkadu Saraswathy (Devi) temple thereafter. 
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