When traveling for business internationally, what's your favorite airport to stay at for layover? Do you stay in a terminal or at a lounge?

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Social startup - a browser extension so that when you shop online a portion of the money you pay goes to extremely effective charities (no extra costs for you). It works with over 1000 shops including Etsy, Barnes&Noble, Aliexpress.

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Amazing apps for your business that you shouldn’t ignore

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Premier Tiny House UPDATE...We have met with a number of people over the past two months, with more people to meet and talk with this coming week.
We will be meeting with a gentleman in Dallas, talking with a gent from Austin, and another gent from Arkansas.
One of the gentlemen wants to talk about developing a Tiny Community on some 70 - 80 acres broken down into smaller parcels.
This is a project that would take a number of years to complete, and build a name for the Tiny House Movement.
Not to mention Premier Tiny House would be making a boatload of money from this venture.
Now to summarize where we are with the Company...
We have the following: vendors for...Flooring
We are talking with vendors on Exterior Siding
and a Lighting Supplier
we are still in need of investors, one or a group, we need a total of $150K to open our doors and build our model for the Tiny House Jamboree.
Contact me here or at rejrwork@gmail.com

Good morning World, Russ from Premier Tiny House here with a VERY IMPORTANT PLEE.
With this money, we will be able to move into the building we found and like.
Also, put 7 people to work feverishly building our demo model so that we can enter the Tiny House Jamboree this October.
The Tiny House Jamboree is expected to bring some 65,000 people from all over to see what this year's crop of builders has to offer.
Also once our doors open Premier Tiny House will be able to go deeper into talks with a few people that have expressed an interest in building a Tiny Community.
As stated in other posts we have several vendors, and contractors ready to take our orders.
Premier Tiny House has several Key People people hired in critical positions to further move the company forward in this very Young and Explosive industry.
We are offering a 100% return on your investment in two years.
Yes, this is unheard of, but We Are Committed to Building High-Quality High-End self-sustaining Tiny Homes.
If you or anyone, or group of people you know would like more information on this great investment please contact me at here or at rejrwork@gmail.com
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration on this very important and time sensitive matter.

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One of the many questions you probably have as someone who is just learning about stock market investing is this: “How to pick quality stocks?” This is a crucial question you need to address because the shares you purchase will dictate the quality of your return on investment. The risks in the market may be inevitable but there are plenty of ways you can mitigate, avoid or manage them. We have outlined a few tried and tested techniques that stock market experts suggest to those who want to start buying stocks.

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"If your 'shoulds' don't come to fruition, are you open to your life looking a different way?"


Basics of Sales 10: The Internet

Now that I’ve focused on phoning people, there is the ever tangled web of selling through the internet to tackle.

Every Medium Matters

Not only was this the excellent slogan of my company (so don’t you go stealing it!) It’s an essential lesson with your sales efforts. Some areas lend themselves more to cold calling, some more to cold emailing but generally speaking you are going to need a combination of everything. This is why, even in the digital age you can’t afford to hide behind your emails. In fact email tennis can be a really easy way to annoy a prospect who has better things to do then reply to you all day.

Less is Less

The first thing to take into account with any form of digital communication is that it takes less effort. In most cases it is quicker to send an email then it is to phone someone just as it is easier to phone then go and visit. Less effort makes digital communication less valuable and so I would suggest to you that although for some industries a lack of communication is normal, in most cases unless a client is willing to take a phone call/meet you they are not necessarily serious.

Finders Keepers

The main way you should be using the internet is research, obviously Linkedin is a godsend for finding the right person to deal with although it’s always worth phoning to double check. I will pretty much always read any ‘about me’ pages on a prospect’s website and try and get as much information that can give me an overview on what that company are like and what they value. Don’t take information on face value, but hopefully these tools should give you a good understanding.

2 Sentences

In most pitches/emails I always say that if you get the first two sentences right you’ll get the job. It seems like a dumb thing to say, and yet I have seen huge companies not get these sentences right. When you are communicating with a prospect in any manner YOU CONCENTRATE ON THEM. It seems obvious doesn’t it and yet people are all too happy to have a few pleasantries and then launch into a copied and pasted sales pitch and talk about how amazing they are. Get those two sentences right, don’t be afraid to make assumptions and you’ll be fine.

Same Rules Apply

By and large the same rules apply to cold contacting anyone. Don’t be pushy, share your material for a later date and don’t be afraid to follow up. Oh and although I know emojis are “the fastest growing language” but by and large don’t use them in a business setting with a complete stranger.

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What are #ICOs? Why do developers, investors, and speculators seem nuts about them? And how are these contracts driving the #Ethereum’s price? Read on to learn the answers

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Here are five simple ways to keep your customers coming back, even after facing their problems or complaints:
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