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Superb Driving lights on sale

Delivers exceptional performance. Utilizing a projector optic that gives an exceptional pencil beam as well as a good spread, This enables 700m of functional driving light from 7100/ 9000 /12,000/ 18,000 / 20,000 effective Lumens. The stainless steel mounting system makes adjustment simple, but able to Withstand high levels of vibration. Supplied with a Poly carbonate lens cover and Deutsch wiring harness.

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Head on down to Baldivis to #Bonneys water ski park to see the Barefoot nationals on this week and enter the #RAFFLE to win a set of LED spotlights or a Lightbar from Earthtrack.

Note: The special Promotion Price is also on offer if you want to take advantage of the Special Pricing on offer for this event....
Get in quick for yours today...

Remember pricing includes delivery Australia wide and these great products come with 3 year warranty...#LEDspotlights #LED #Lightbars #raffle #exclusive

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Barefoot Water Skiing

“The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely” – Franklin P. Jones

Most of us know what skiing is, most of us know what water skiing is, but have you ever thought about barefoot water skiing? Just think about it, nothing between you and the ocean, just your feet on the water being pulled behind a boat. It must be thrilling, defying physics in such a way that you, a mere human being, can glide across the water with nothing between you and it, and manage to stay completely afloat.

“Barefoot water skiing originated in Winter Haven, Florida. According to the Water Ski Hall of Fame, and witnesses of the event, 17-year-old A.G. Hancock became the first person ever to barefoot water ski in 1947. That same year, Richard Downing "Dick" Pope Jr., was the first person ever to be photographed barefooting, stepping off his skis on a training boom alongside the boat. In 1950, the first barefoot competition was held in Cypress Gardens, with Pope and Mexican competitor Emilio Zamudio as the only two known barefooters in the world at the time. [1] The first woman to waterski barefoot was Charlene Zint in 1951. [2]

Throughout the 1950s, additional barefoot starting techniques were invented including the two-ski jump out, the beach start (invented by Ken Tibado in 1955), and the deep water start (invented by Joe Cash in 1958). The tumble-turn maneuver was 'invented' by accident during a double barefoot routine in 1960 when Terry Vance fell onto his back during a step-off and partner Don Thomson (still on his skis) spun him around forward, enabling Vance to regain a standing posture. In 1961, Randy Rabe became the first backward barefooter by stepping off a trick ski backwards, a maneuver Dick Pope had first tried in 1950 but vowed never to try again after a painful fall. The early 1960s saw Don Thomson appear as the first "superstar" of the sport, developing both back-to-front and front-to-back turnarounds, and performing the first barefoot tandem ride in a show at Cypress Gardens. [3]

During this time barefooting began developing in Australia as well. In April 1963, the first national competition was held in Australia, with 38 competitors [1]. The Australians were the first to develop barefoot jumping, one of the three events in modern barefoot competition, as well as pioneer many new tricks. In November 1978, the first world championships were held in Canberra, Australia, where 54 skiers competed for a total of 10 different countries [2]. Australians Brett Wing and Colleen Wilkinson captured the men's and women's titles. In 1976 Briton Keith Donnelly set the first (officially recognised) World Barefoot Jump record of 13.25 metes.” (

“Barefoot waterskiing is the most extreme version of watersports. It is truly seizing the moment and getting a thrill like you have never known before. Skiers from around the world come here to share ideas, and watch amazing videos produced by the best athletes in the sport.  This is where the Freestyle Barefooting movement began.” (


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i´m new here and i´m organizing Wakeboard and Action-Sports-Events in Germany.

More info about the next Comp: or you follow us here +Speed Pilots

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Speed Pilots Open Riders Contest

Qualifiziere dich beim Open Riders Contest für einen der begehrten Startplätze beim Speed Pilots international Wakeboard Contest!

Qualify at the Open Riders Contest for competing in the Speed Pilots International Wakeboard Contest!

Mehr / More info:

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