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Don't be a apologist for the government patsy.

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AMERICAN WORKERS: Rise up to OCCUPY YOUR WORKPLACE wherever it is - offices, factories, garages, schools, construction sites, farms, city halls, fire stations, etc! WANT A REAL REVOLUTION? THIS IS HOW A REAL REVOLUTION IS MADE! OCCUPY/ TAKE OVER/TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WORKPLACES! OCCUPY & GO ON STRIKE! LONG LIVE THE GENERAL STRIKE!

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I'm kind of puzzled here.
Why did you choose a painting of Napoléon for this community?
He wasn't a revolutionary; he was just a power-hungry bastard who very cynically took control of and redirected the french revolution (or what was left of it at the time) to advance his own agenda.
He wasn't an atheist; and even if he didn't believe in god, he actively  used religions (mainly catholicism) as a political tool.

hi,if its not a silly question,what is revolutionary atheism ?
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