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+Kawaii pony 77I was sitting in the gardens and you... 

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Name: Alex
Nickname: none
Age: 23
Role: guard, personal guard to Kawaxx
Kingdom: Magic

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: open
Crush: Princess Kawaxx

Weapons: sword
Powers: water

Appearence: (See pictures)
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Outfit: a guard uniform

Likes: protecting his Kingdom, going on adventures, his dog, friends, fighting, helping others
Dislikes: evil, bad people, people who don't like the kingdom,
Pets: a husky dog named Spice
Theme Song: One call Away

BIO: Alex's original home was in the Power Kingdom but always wanted to see the world. So he went to guard academy and met Kawaxx. He never knew she was important until she accidentally started to use her powers in training. When he could he came to the magic kingdom and became a guard but also a personal guard to Kawaxx. The only thing he has from home is his dog Spice. He sometimes does miss his old home and family but loves his new life in his new kingdom.
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Name: Kawaxx
Nickname: Spark
Age: 19
Role: Princess but trains as a warrior
Kingdom: Magic

Mother: Queen
Father: King
Siblings: +Kawaii pony 77​​ (still open for others)
Crush: A guard named Alex

Weapons: Purple Flame sword
Powers: healing, fire, darkness (Doesn't use her powers that much but only when needed)

Appearence: see pictures
Hair: light brown
Eyes: purple
Outfit(s): see pictures

Likes: going on adventures, family, friends, purple, outdoors, the gardens, the beach, her horse, her kingdom, animals, helping others, healing, singing, music, reading
Dislikes: the evil in her family and kingdom (Its a secret so no one knows about it), becoming queen, her evil power, war
Pets: A black horse with white spots named Freedom
Theme Song: Meet me on the Battlefield

BIO: Is the oldest of the Magic Kingdom and soon to be queen. Never really liked being so proper so she decided she would train as a guard, not a lot of others knew she was a princess so she got the same treatment. When she came back home everyone thought she was really different. Her father was always so proud of her but her mother was different, she had darker powers and was for once mean. When Kawaxx was a kid she had a strong bond with her mom but not anymore. She only has a few friends other than her sister and one of them she met at guard academy; Alex. She took him to the kingdom and he became her personal guard. And ever since then she has been going on journeys to try and find something to help her mother.

Art not mine 
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Name: lilac
Nickname: lila
Age: 17
Role: princess of nature

Mother: queen
Father: none
Siblings: +Kawaxx Spark
Crush: none

Weapons: nature
Powers: nature

Appearence: green and blue dress, brown hair, paint brush,elf ears, blue eyes, white cross necklace
Hair: brown hair
Eyes: blue
Outfit: green and blue dress, cross necklace, blue flats

Likes: helping others,nature,happieness,singing,learning,having fun,reading
Dislikes: seeing others hurt meanness, ruddness
Pets: a blue bird named sky
Theme Song: warrior by war room

BIO: lilac loves having fun and singing and her family she loves being joyfull and happy and having fun and learning

I had just gotten home from a journey and you saw me over by the docks and you... 
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