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Song of Healing lyrics

Day to night, Dark to Light
Fall the sands of time.
Let the years like the gears
Of a clock unwind.

In your mind walk through time
Back to better days.
Memories, like a dream,
wash tears away.

Like a star in the sky,
Darkness can't reach you.
Light the night, joy is night,
Till the new dawn.

Cast away your old face
let go your spite.
With this mask I'll ask
To borrow your light.


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The end of journey is where we begin a new journey... it can either end up in hell or heaven.. its the choices you make that decied that...

Name: Tsukiko

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Weapons: deadly daggers, giant black sword, mechanical arm/claws, knives, poisen (blood in viens), sometimes an axe

Apperence: wears all black and sometimes a black hoodie. Wears red as well as the hoodie. Maybe both. Wears long black boots and has a black mechanical arm that is rough and has sharp fingers or claws. Has horns as well.

Personality: barely talks and is aggresive. Always likes to cause rucus or trouble anywhere she is. Is playful and is always a rebel...

Likes: metal and punk music, training, killing, ice cream, videogames, anime

Dislikes: being a bother, being bored, pop music

Crush: isnt going to tell

How she end up here?: ??? Mystery

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I'm going to make a story on quote may take some time since I got new laptop

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Name: Jane The Killer
Age: 18
Gender: Girl (duh)
Bio: Had a normal life until "friend" went insane and killed family then set her on fire (crazy life right?)
Likes: Knifes, Black Dresses, Killing

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Who can guess what it says...its backwards

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