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"I'm not a god, or an ultimate force of good or evil, nothing like that. I'm just a dude who likes fun."

Name: Zachary Higgins
Age: 13-and-a-half
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment: He's one of the good guys
Nicknamed by Zach, the Apocalypse-Fists were fists developed with fighting formidable foes in mind, and was created with strong, rare metals collected from the now-destroyed planet Metallia.

Cassiopee Quantum Revolver
Once the signature gun of the infamous space pirate Uverk, Zach came into possession of it after Uverk was ultimately killed. The revolver shoots six rounds of deadly plasma bolts.

Rocket Thrusters
Miniature rocket thrusters attached to the soles of his shoes, this allows Zach flight, if not temporary.

Shield Overlay
This shield overlay is an experimental prototype, but works nonetheless. Zach uses it to take more hits than the average human is able to.

Zach hails from Universe 46.1, a universe much like the one we live in. His life was normal, until he stole a ship being transported to an unknown location by a military alien organization simply called the "Empire of Metal". He was then captured by the space pirate Uverk, who was shot down and killed by the invading Empire of Metal. Zach escaped on his ship, the ST4R-80RD Experimental Prototype, but not before killing the feared enforcer of the Empire of Metal, Admiral Hexel. He was regarded as legendary for killing Hexel, and feared by the Empire of Metal for the same reason.

How boring, to think that this tournamnet would spell any worthy to come forth as do their impeccable lust to die before me, i must say that my Dark Apprentice alone could wipe out this planets challengers, and my own son Beijuizsam could destroy this dimension, i am utterly unimpressed with this world.

Those who would dare challenge me, the Being creator, high supreme ruler of all beings and single handedly the most powerful force in mere existance, please........i will be waiting

+BEIJUIZSAM x 13​ I just realized, now that I am a being, and we are on equal ground, we never had that rematch, did we?

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(This post is in the point of view of my "Set" character) Humans. They once worshipped and feared me. Until one man, guided by my fellow gods, defeated me, and trapped me beneath an ancient temple. Thousands of years later, the seal was broken, and I was free. I looked to posess a strong warrior at their most vulnerable. Then came Jun Kazama. She was of holy blood, but when I attacked her when she was injured by one who claimed to be the God of Fighting. Even after she broke free, my influence still remains. I was locked away once again. My hatred for human life boiled throughout my short time as a prisoner...

... and the answer to my call happened when the temple of Hon-Maru was destroyed. I corrupted the blood of Jinpachi Mishima, taking his body. But after that, I was defeated once again, this time by a boy named Jin Kazama, the son of Jun. My host body wasted away into dust and ash, blown into the wind. Yet again was I sealed away. Now, one of the guardians of the crystal demon have found me. I took his body and corrupted his blood. Now I destroy anything that stands in my way!

And what's this? Someone of the light has come to fight me? This shall be interesting! (Open RP)

I slowly slip through G-CORP Labs in the form of a shadow, looking for some top-secret information.

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The King Of Iron Fist Tournaments 7 Has Ended. Now Will Set Up Arena World Cup Arena Tournaments. Will Open Sign Up 8:00 Am And Closed 1:00 Am. Will Begin Set Up 

Rules Arena:
1 No God Mode Allow
2 No Steal Skill
3 No Cheating
4 No Steal Power

I know that this tournament will draw those of this 'supernatural awakening'. But Azazel and Zaphara should know that sometimes you must fight your own battles. I mean, I have the power to create dimensions. I am the most powerful weapon in the universe. I am the Emissary of Destruction. This should be child's play. Once these powerful men, women, and children are drawn out, I'll take their power and KILL them. As for that stupid boy... priorities are priorities.

I walk up to the registration booth, sign the form under "Oni" and quickly leave

Ninjas by Zaphara

Ninjas cant be found because you do not close your eyes and feel them all around you

you cant find them because you cant see them if they dont want you to find them, thus........they will find you.
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