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"Who knew this could happen"

~Character on the left~

Name: Craig
Age: 19
Likes: music, Y/N, secrtly yaoi animes, daydreaming, staying in bed
Dislikes: Being pranked, pop music, Y/N being in a bad mood over anything
Position: both ways/seke

I was just a kid... until it all changed when I hit 2 years old. You came into my life. At first, I loved you and hated you like a facade. But it is what brothers do, so it was normal... until I hit into my teens.

"Gay?" That word for some reason made me woozy, but as a 14 year old, I was immature... really immature. Our parents thought I was gay, but I was in denial... but anime happened. It was never heterosexual, bisexual, yuri. No. It was just always plain out yaoi. It was like an escape. You and I watched it all the time, I guess it was the only time you and I got closer to eachother.

I hit 16 and everytime you was around, I always felt strong aching in my chest. I explained it to my best friend and he understood everything clearly. "You like him more than a sibling and friend way" what? No! Just the thought of a brother and a brother being together is just gross! Yet... he was right. He was right about it all. I had to tell you, I just didn't know how or when.

As years went, the same things over and over again and because you had a nightmare, you decided to go into my room as I was in the middle of watching yaoi... or shipping yaoi. We were watching it, until you fell asleep cuddling me. I didn't know what to do, so I just held you close and gritted my teeth. "Come on... he's asleep. Just do it..." *as I whispered that to myself, I opened my eyes and leant close to your lips and stopped half way... I gathered my strength, and kissed you. Then you...

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