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Everyone!!! Please follow me on here. This is: +Princess Dementedstar the Crooked Jaw Elemental Emotion Star Demon Dragon Wolf Kitsune!!! The new Google+ update fucked over the fact I have new G+ accounts through the same email!!

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Look at this everyone!! XD
Ok so a classmate of mine walked into class. (HE IS A GUY!! THATS WHY ITS SO FUNNY!!) He came in dressed as a girl for Halloween!!! XDDDD
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All of you know that I have just made the mods for this community. I give up on the tournament so I just did who I know won't abuse their abilities as Moderators. Please for the love of Starclan show those of higher ranks the respect that they need!

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Thx for promoting me to mod sis! ^^

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my intro.

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Name: Red                 (putting in way more then i need)

Species: Blood Android.

Gender: Male.

Age: varies on specific posts.

Features: Red fur, green alien eyes with no pupils, Grey Platinum Shoes, Dark Blue Jacket, and a Black Jacket.

Personality (1): Mostly cold, mean to new faces, will go out of way to help others, quick to action, rarely helping strangers, unthinkable when fueled with rage, sometimes calm, usually goes with the role of leader.

Personality(2): Smart, gullible, cunning, brave, mysterious, neutral,comedic.

Side: Was at first villain, now  a anti hero.

Lover: +sonnie/sonia the angelhog 

Children: James, Jake, Crystal. (in order of age)

Weapons used: Pistols, swords, Chaos Spears,

Techniques: Chaos burst, The Ability to use chaos spears as an actual weapon and not a projectile,  The ability to travel back into the world from hell, Kaio-ken, Super Form And lots of pyro combat skills

Friends: nikky, cipher, shade, rave, dust, ex.

Rivals: Blood, Sonic, Mephilis, and ratig.

Best Accomplishments: Was able to take overcome sonic in base form, Killed mephils, (with help)  Able to overcome HIMSELF in a battle, and stoping a war between angels and demons,

Past Bio: Red is a rare creature called a blood android. blood androids are modified shadow androids infused with demon  d.n.a. but due to a darkroq infection of outbreak, that got into there hearts. they were corrupted and gone berserk, and adventuly were killed. Red is one of 2 blood androids that remain to this day. although red escaped from his creator, he lives a life as a criminal going up for grabs of jewels with his gang he later forms up with, The Bladed Bandits

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name: dragonkiller
age: 20
species: hedgehog
personality: a gunner and a fighter.
gf: idk (havent found a girlfriend for dragonkiller yet)
kids: none yet.
skills: able to turn devil and angel, can morph into a giant dragon.
weapons: swords and guns (thats why hes a gunner and a fighter)
forms: super, hyper, devil, dark, nightmare, angel, exe, MK (mortal kombat) ninja and MK cyborg
picture: drawned by someone else but i hope you understand.
bio: the only both ruler and king of the neatherrealm. dragonkiller fights hardcore just like his wolf friend dragonfire. but a little demonish. dragonkiller's rival are both sonic.exe and dementedstar when she goes crazy. ( no offence but thats the best that i came up of.)  dragonkiller's friends are dragonfire, normal dementedstar,  flame, scorpion, and others that are friendly to him.
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Name: Shilvelex
Age: 27
Species: shilvaneonwolf
Occupation : hero and king
Likes: friends family peace
Dislike: hater trolls immortal
Bio: read my profile
Weapons: Shilvaneon X Emeralds, sword
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