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#Nettleflower is 19 months old and she had her kits four and a half moons ago. The kits are up for adoption.
Name: #Nettleflower
Age: 14 Moons
Gender: She Cat
Clan: #MoonClan
Rank: Queen (pregnant)
Personality: Carefree
Mate: none
Backstory: She mated in order to celebrate becoming a warrior, but her mate abandoned her and her clan.

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Name:silverfur Age:10moons. Grade:warrior. Male. Bio;a strong warrior who honored is clan all the time and is strong and swift

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Name- Stonykit
Age- 3 moons
Gender- She-Cat
Clan- ThunderClan
Rank- Kit
Mother- Silverheart (StarClan)
Father- Greenclaw (StarClan)
Sister- Forestkit ((open, black kit blue eyes))
Caretaker- Mossytail and Oakfur ((Only Oakfur is open))
Personality- Cheery, Curious, energetic, hyper
Likes: Playing with the other kits, sticking to Oakfur like glue.
Dislikes: Being called a Kittypet-Baby, When people call her sister mean things because she's antisocial.
~ Bio ~
She Is a 3 moon kit, along with her sister Forestkit. The two are the kits of Silverheart and Greenclaw. She loves playing with the other kits, and hates silence!!! Her and her sister are complete oposites! Nothing can destroy her happiness, not even when both of her parents died in battle, both Silverheart and Greenclaw. How Silverheart died was ShadowClan attacked the ThunderClan camp. Mossytail came to protect her, but she was too late. She was dripping with blood, and was gasping for air. The medicine cat tried to save her but it was too late. She was dead. When Greenclaw heard about this, he was furious. At the time, he was Depudy, so he lead an attack to the ShadowClan territory, where it was him vs. The ShadowClan Depudy (back then), Nightfur. She lunged at him, sinking her fangs into his shoulder, but he shook her off. He charged at her with all of his might, with his claws ready to attack. He jumped at her, and slammed into one another. He held up his claws in a threatening manner, same with Nightfur. But, his plan to slit her throat failed, as she did the same. He yowled with pain as he fell to the cold rocks underneath his paws. He took a huge gasp, and let it out. He was gone. Her dream is to become the best warrior there ever was. Silverheart's Mother was a beautiful ThunderClan She-Cat named Whiterose. She died of old age. But, her father was a Kittypet. His name was Furball, but his clan name became Redear, Which is why some tend to call Stonykit Kittypet-Baby. 

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Name Hawkeye ((Was a rouge))
Clan sunclan
Rank elder (just became elder a moon ago)
Personality brave, curious, and sometimes grumpy
mate: Moonpelt (Dead)
kits: Breezepool Ill make her ltr
appearance: Dark gray tom, black tip of the tail, black stomach, and a black torn ear. Bright yellow eyes
Bio: never talks about it...
running: 7/10
jumping: 5/10
swimming: 2/10
fighting: 6/10
hunting: 5/10

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I'm going to give away #Cinderstream now that she is in the Dark Forest.

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(Do you like how he turned out +William Jones can't tag srry )
[]■▪■[] Basic Information []■▪■[]
Current Name
"Call me Night"
Past Name(s)
"Nightkit, Nightpaw, Nightfoot"
Future Name(s)
"I plan to keep my name"

"16 moons"


[]■▪■[] Clan/Rank []■▪■[]

Current Clan
scoff "clan! I was part of moonclan but, no"
Future Clan(s)
"I don't felt like i should go to starclan after what i did"

Current Rank
Desired Rank

[]■▪■[] Family []■▪■[]
"I wish not to speek of my kin"
"No thanks"
"Just stop"

Past Crush
Current Crush
Future Crush
"I don't think I'll ever love again"

Past Mate
Current Mate
Future Mate
"I don't think so"

[]■▪■[] Personality []■▪■[]
Life Goal(s)
"I don't know where my life is taking me"
"One of my kits finding me and seeing what i have become"
Want: "I want to change my life"
Like: "I like to spy on my old clan"

[]■▪■[] Skills []■▪■[]

Sight= 9

Smell= 7

Touch= 8

Hearing= 8

Hunting(Land)= 5

Hunting (Water)= 1

Fighting= 10

Swimming= 1

Climbing= 6

Jumping= 4

Stamina= 8

Running= 3

[]■▪■[] Biography []■▪■[]
[] Kit-hood []
Normal kit
[] Apprentice-hood []
He had a normal apprentice life untill the day became an apprentice, he had a major crush on her. He would try to impress her in all sorts if ways using battle and hunting skills.
[] Warrior-hood []
He became mates with when she became a warrior but, still kept trying to impress her. One day he was at the boarder between Moonclan and Sunclan on his own and picked a fight with a warrior there, he won the battle but, did something much worse, the warrior that he had battled fell in to a river and drowned within moments. It was a few sunrises later at the gathering that the Sunclan leader talked about the death of one of their warriors. Of course, he stood up and admitted that he had done it and hadn't ment to kill the warrior but, none the less, was exiled from Moonclan.
[] Elder-hood []
Not there yet
[] Starclan-hood []
Still alive
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Who wants to be the cat that abandoned #Nettleflower?
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Not me

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[Closed Roleplay with #Cinderstream (Me) and #Embertail (+Sparrowfeather)]
#Cinderstream: walks to #Embertail Hello, Embertail

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Name- Littlepaw
Gender- female
Age- 9 moons
Crush- (open)
Clan- Sunclan
Rank- apprentice
Personality- kind, a little naive, energetic
Backstory- when she was about ready to leave her mom her mom was draped in a cage by twolegs. They sent her away and draped her and her brother in cages and tried to make them kittypets. She was done with living in their house and she escaped but her brother had stayed because he liked cat food (meow mix). She wandered around aimlessly until Sunclan found her and took her in.
This is an actual kitten
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