Hello, I would love to make some friends who also write songs and I'd be incredibly appreciative if someone could please teach me a few things about songwriting! I've been writing a lot of lyrics but I don't exactly know how to organize them into a song. Please feel free to comment or message me on Hangouts!

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I've been posting my music on soundcloud my user on soundcloud is Cyber :) Go check my music out

Looks like this is a dead community... Oh well better spam with lyrics and ask if they seem good!

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Enjoy my new Deep House track! Download for Free!

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Dear Friends, I am happy to share my link with you all. These are the Songs I have written and produced. Please listen and share your thoughts with me. Many thanks

Hello Friends, can we be friends please? I know YOU are out there, please be my friend. I appreciate YOU.

I am so happy to find this Community of like-minded individuals. May our Works be ennobling and help to build-up the Earth vitally.

So glad to find this group! super excited. I'm a song writer, been writing songs for 10 years now. But this year I'm totally doing something about it :)

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Here is my latest.
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