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Echobox the audiophile's music player!

The Echobox Explorer X1 is an Android-based hand-held portable digital audio player with a unique ergonomic form-factor and wood body. The Explorer supports most digital file formats including WAV, AIFF and FLAC, and contains 64GB of internal storage, expandable to 192 GB with use of a MicroSD card. The Explorer is also a streaming device which includes support for Tidal and other key Android apps. The unit’s DAC is the TI/Burr-Brown PCM 1792, and the internal amplifier has output of 300mW per channel at 32 Ohms, sufficient to drive even the most demanding pro headphones. Output impedance is less than 1 Ohm, ensuring consistent frequency response across the sound spectrum.

Functions are controlled by a direct-acting knurled aluminum knob, and three finishes are offered for the wood body: Mahogany, Maple, and Black Walnut. Connectivity is provided by a Micro USB port. The Explorer is expected to ship to backers in April, 2016. MSRP will be $499; units will be available to backers for as little as $249.

You can get your Echobox here!

All product perks will include a complimentary 3 month HiFi subscription to music streaming service, TIDAL. Select perks will include a 6 month HiFi subscription.

The Echobox Finder X1 are earphones built to be almost indestructible, while providing monitor-quality sound. The Finders have housings of solid titanium, and drivers feature lightweight diaphragms of German-made PEEK (polyether ether ketone). Precision-milled acoustic chambers ensure consistent loading of the drivers, and three interchangeable acoustic filters allow the user to contour the sound to their personal taste. Shielded, internally-braided silver-plated cable connects to the titanium housings with internal strain-relief, further ensuring long life and tangle-free daily use. A variety of silicone tips are provided to allow for a perfect fit, and allow the earphones to stay in place during jogging or other activities. A 3-pack of T-400 custom foam Isolation tips from Comply will be included with every set of Finders.

The Finders have completed development, and will be shipped for December 21st delivery in the US & Canada. International Finder orders will be delivered by January 15, 2016. MSRP will be $199, but will be available to backers for as little as $79.

Echobox’s IndieGoGo campaign will also focus on charity. “Echobox is based upon a love of music, and we show that not just through our products, but by our support of Seattle Music Partners, “ said Sam McKinney, Director of Operations. “A portion of our campaign will go directly to SMP, which provides instruments and lessons for underprivileged urban kids. It doesn’t make sense to us to support music-listening without supporting future generations of musicians.”

As for the future, this campaign is the first step towards the fulfillment of a much larger vision. “Our products will provide sound-quality and user experience comparable to state of the art players and earphones, at a fraction of their price,” said George Gill, Chief Development Officer. “We know it’s already a crowded marketplace, and we’re confident our products are competitive as well as unique. This is just the beginning for us, and we have big, big plans.”

Join the others getting their Echobox!

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After alot of looking around on the internet and testing I've decided to bite the bullet on the TEAC HA-P50 USB amp/dac. Listening to flac files on my LG G2 and using my VModa M100 I found a major difference to the soundstage and a crispness across the board.
Has anyone else tried this portable dac or could recommend something similair to try before laying down the cash.

Hi everyone, i have been looking for a #oneplus  invite for a while. Anyone has a spare one by any chance? #oneplusoneinvite

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Hi guys,

what's in your opinion the best Android audio streaming solution?

I am looking for a Sonos like multi-room audio streaming solution for android. Which can stream from the google play music (inklusive  all access) and has internet radio stations like tune-in or vtuner.

No matter if it is WiFi based or Bluetooth, but I guess WiFi has the better Quality.

Phorus sounds nice but I didnt see any internet radio stations there.

Searching an eq with separate channel set up. Any suggestion?

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