Hey is there anyone who is still active here?

hi im wolfnation and im currently working on a project with a youtuber name T1NYL1ON and we need help with the project!! we need a amazing animator who willing to help and a background artist , a team of storyboarders , a team of brainstormers and writers , and colourist , and last but not least voice actors z comment what you want to do and i will happily respond thank you and bye!!

anyone on?

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practice drawing

Hi I am Kai Anims and I am a stickfigure animator same as blayzeX, but I take real time on my animations, but I'm crap lol.

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hello everyone welcome ti the community

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Thx for the invite
Animated Photo


my name be Arch and I make some really crappy and short animations

also I'm a girl so don't let my name mislead you

im ensolar and i make stickfigure animations and sometimes fullbody animations
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