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May I be, well, me?

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Name: Centurion
Real Name: ???
Affiiation: good
Powers: Same as Symbiote Spider-man. As Anti Venom Symbiote
Bio: He was walking to a place when the symbiote came and connected itself to him. became the centurion.  Fights for good along with heroes like 9090 and other heroes.

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Kaine earth 7410
Real name: kaine
Powers: same as kaine earth 616 
Bio: Clone of spider-man and friend of scarlet spider-man.
After scarlet spider died he took his role. Although he does do bad thing he still does good things.

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Name: 9090
Real name: inaplicable
Affiliation: Good
Powers: Same as spider-mans powers
Bio: 9090 was a robot made to be a doppelganger of spider man. He was with an elite group of other androids when he relized what h was doing was wrong. he later destroyed the project he was made in (project xclone) and fought for good.

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I will also role play this character
I will be Role playing flipside as well
Affiliation: Anti
Powers: Spider-Man + Venom + Spider-Man 2099
Gender: Robot
Bio: Robotic being who has the powers of Spider-Man + Venom + Spider-Man 2099. Just wants to be your friend
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