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Episode 38 - It Only Takes One Roll

May be recording an Actual Play tonight. I'm running a game and if I don't suck or screw it up too badly, you might get to hear it :-).

It's the revised ruleset for a game I haven't run since college. Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition.

Not super confident in my ST abilities at the moment, but I have a bunch of great players: +David Havelka, +Marian McBrine, +wesley cole, +Christina Hornack, and her husband Davie.

Should be a good time.

Just wanted to let everyone in the group know that +MAGFest is happening this weekend in National Harbor, MD.

It is a weekend full of video gaming, music, and panels. I also believe that +Pathfinder Society of DC and Baltimore will be running several sessions in the tabletop gaming area.

If you have the time, check it out. Totally worth it!

{Topic - Tabletop Roleplaying Games}

Question: Anybody else out there build their characters based around songs? Or at least, make a character and then attribute a song that personifies them?

The ones I enjoy the most I do this for:

● Vampire: The Masquerade (Camarilla) LARP - Nigel Kesington (Tremere Scientist/Inventor) -- Abney Park - The Wrong Side

● Vampire: The Masquerade (Sabbat) LARP - Noland (Ventrue Antitribu Modern Day Knight) -- Bouncing Souls - True Believer

● Shadowrun 2nd/3rd edition - Snag (Troll Physical Adept) -- Green Jellö - Orange Crunch

● Shadowrun 4th edition - !SC@MBLE¡ (Human Technomancer) -- Styles Of Beyond - Subculture (Dieselboy + Kaos VIP)

● D&D 3/3.5 edition - Scruffy McStuff of the Clan McGruff (Dwarven Bard) -- Dropkick Murphy's - Curse of a Fallen Soul

● Exalted 2nd Edition - Arkis Draconis(Dragonblooded Seigelord Soldier & Honored student of Glorianna Bloodwing) -- Hammerfall - Blood Bound

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Shadowrun: Anarchy, which is a new way to play Shadowrun, is now available:

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Episode 36 – Diceless Gaming

We are recording our September episode tomorrow night. We have had 3 responses for our Savage Worlds giveaway and there is still more to give.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran of Savage World, tell us about your favorite setting or aspect of the core rules. If you have never played, but are curious, let us know what aspects of Savage Worlds or any of it's settings intrigue you.

We will read the responses during the recording and then get in touch with each respondent about get them their coupon voucher.

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August's episode is out! Fill your ear holes with it!

Interview with +Neall Price and +Monica Speca about Scion 2nd Edition

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If you are a fan of Savage Worlds or are curious about the system, we are giving away some coupons that are good for $5 off at PEGInc's online store.

All you have to do is listen to our new Savage Worlds episode and follow the instructions within. It's too easy! Hurry though, supplies are limited!

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The topic is Savage Worlds, so have a listen. We are doing a giveaway, so make sure to catch that in there!
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