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Profile Template

Eye color=
Hair color/style/length=
Combat Info

Skills (See skill system)= 1 Adept, 3 Apprentice, 3 novice to start.
Fighting Style= (specify how you fight. Example, Tactical vs impulsive, aggressive vs defensive, etc.)
Bio= cannot be unknown. Can hide some details, but some things MUST be specified.

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A new profile
I got bored so i redid my profile:

Name: matan
Nickname: Matt?
Height: 169-170 cm
Species: human mutant
Powers: I am telepathic, telekinetic, i can create and control nearly indestructible electromagnetic fields and do all sorts of things using elctricity. My neurons develop, grow, and form bonds faster: so i can think faster, learn faster and have a photographic memory.
I am also possessed by an electric reincarnation of the Phoenix force.

Skills: genius level intellect, Great engineering skills, fast learning, amazing memory, etc...
Great fighting skills.

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Name:Laura Raven Kinney
Age:11 may31 2005
Famliy :Logan
Personalty:agressoin stubern I don't talk much
Languages:Spanish and English
Favorite stuff:killing music drawing horses tigers cheetahs malls
Dislikes:people trying to hurt me
Bio:raise in captivity
Enimies:Donald pierce x 24 Dr rice
Hight:4 feet
Hair calor:brown
Eye callor:Brown
Born:Mexico city in a building cakes tsargin
Weapons:claws in knuckles and in feet
Fighting skills:flexibility and healing
Class:higher advance
Animated Photo

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Profile Template

Name= Optimus Prime
Gender= Male
Race= Cybertronion
Age= unknown
Height= 14"7
Weight= 2 tons I cant find a place that specifies it
Eye color= Blue
Hair color/style/length= doesnt have any
Combat Info

Class= leader
Powers= none
Weapons= Plasma guns, decepticon hunter (its a sword that throws lightning), shield and a jet-pack
Skills (See skill system)= Adept
Fighting Style= Tactical
Bio= I am Optimus Prime leader of the autobots, I come from the planet Cybertron which was destroyed because of Dark Energon. I was once known as Orion Pax, but due to my wisdom the Primes sent me to find the Matrix of leadership and once i did I became Optimus Prime also known as the last Prime

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((Open role-play))
I drive through this futuristic city looking at the building and amazed by the blue sky So this is Earth I keep driving as I stop in a parking lot

How about instead of a list of powers you can use we make a list of powers you can't use, that way it saves time on my part...

List of banned powers (This is a work in progress list):

Invincibility (The power that makes you unable to be harmed)
Omni Powers
Reality Breaking

Classes are for anyone without powers who need something to make them powerful. Or for people with powers that also use those skills.


Archer: Prefers using multiple types of arrows to take out their enemy.
Example: Green Arrow, Hawkeye
Tech Adept (Suit): Prefers using a powered suit to take on enemies.
Example: Iron Man
Tech Adept (Gadgets): Prefers using gadgets to take out foes.
Example: Batman
Swordsman: Uses a blades to fight his enemies.
Example: Gamora
Sniper: Carries a gun and uses it to snipe his foes.
Example: Deadshot

Skill System

Novice: Just learning a new skill. Barely knowing the basics, not really able to make too much use from it. Takes a week to advance a new skill to Apprentice.

Apprentice: got the basics down, able to do some fairly basic steps. Takes a week to advance a new skill to Adept.

Adept: Has an average amount of skill in this area, now able to produce decent effects. Takes a week to advance to Expert.

Expert: now considered an expert in this area. Will impress those who are at Adept or lower at this skill. Takes a month to get to Master level.

Master: Skill is now well known, usually asked around multiple areas for their skill and greatly feared if the skill can be used for combat. Takes 1 month to go into Grand Master.

Grand Master: Now seen as one of the best in this area of expertise. Absolutely respected by many and is used as a star example to aim for. Takes 2 months to reach Legendary.

Legendary: Considered one of the best there ever was, practically one of a kind in this skill. This person is now called the best of the best in this skill. Only 1 skill per character can obtain this level.

High Legendary: the best of the best, legends look to you for advice and inspiration. Your work is considered impossible by most, and yet here you are, proving that mortals can achieve anything. Takes 3 months to turn into this honored position. Once evolved to this point, you can pick another skill to go to Legendary but cannot level other skills past this point.
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