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 My follow Editor  just spent the last 2 days organizing all of the B-Roll for our feature doc in Final Cut by keyword and metadata. Reel, Scene, Notes, etc.  It will definitely be useful on our end once we start editing. Is there a way to share this organization with me easily?

i am looking for a how to video in motion 5 to..(don't know the technical term) but i will try to explain..  drawing a line and it appears to flow down the page to a new page and then stops then maybe a graphic appears and then flows right to a new page and something appears and so on. 
I saw this in the motion 5 splash intro template but not sure how they did it. can you help??

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I am looking for some help on multi cam sync for Final cut pro X.  I am having some issues getting one camera in particular to sync.  It has happened on every event I have tried.  They are all High school concerts.  I have a Canon Vixia HF10 and an Olympus OMD EM5.  I record audio with an H4N and use the built in mics in the two cameras.  The Canon films the wide angle shot and I use the Olympus for photo's as well as the tighter video shots.

No matter what method of Multicam syncing I use the Olympus clips do not sync up with either the H4N nor the Canon.  They just end up all at the end of the multicam clip.

I don't know if it is the audio recording capabilities of the Olympus as it does not have manual levels but 3 settings.  The audio always looks more evened out than the other two audio tracks.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I have been searching the Web for months.  Thanks in advance.


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Anybody know if the SATA drives in this beast can be replaced with off-shelf-OEM drives? I need an external RAID 1 drive for Time Machine backup. But we don't want to be stuck with buying SATAs only from LaCie. (In the past their enclosures were firmware-locked and un-replaceable with OEM drives.)

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Notice a (deliberate) mistake on the title of Macbreak Studio 202? Look carefully....

Ok guys here's a fun one... I'm currently re-editing the source files of a DVD project..long story.. Anyway I've got .m2v vid files and .aiff and .ac3 audio files (DVD Studio project). I can't import the m2v's into FCPx, so I've broken out our old friend Mpeg Streamclip with the Quicktime mpeg2 addon (thanks for the 10.8 compatible beta guys!!) so I can read and export into something FCPx is gonna like.  Am I best exporting from streamclip as DV Pal (i'm in the uk) and letting FCP work with those.. or export into another format from streamclip that FCPx will be happier with?  Thanks in advance.  Al. 

I used Multicam for the first time this week. I found going back through the 3 part Macbreak Studios very helpful, so my thanks.
I had 4 cameras, each started at different times, each using a different recording codec, each clip of different duration. The longest clip was 28 minutes, the shortest was about 3 minutes. I ticked the 'use audio to synchronize' and it worked perfectly! I'm using 2008 MBP and it still worked in less than 2 minutes. It's a great tool!
I did manage to lose myself. Essentially I took the multicam and selected 'open in timeline'. I ended up, Inception Style, deeper in, without the ability to select the angles at will by playing the timeline. Long story short, pressing the back button in the timeline took me back to the multicam clip I first created and that behaved exactly as shown on the tutorials.

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If you missed our live show last Thursday you can watch it on our YouTube channel here. Great discussion with +Mark Spencer and Steve Martin  about all the latest with Final Cut Pro X.
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