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Out Now…

Various Artists - The Future Of Hard Trance [GT Digital]


Ever since the fantastic # HTM project on Atmosphere Recordings: UK we’ve been wanting to do something similar to help support pushing hard trance music moving forward so early last year we contacted a set of particular artists about making tracks for an album, and each one of them raised the bar big time even collaborating for us here and there, the results really did blow our mind. Includes tracks by Aponaut, Xavi BCN & DJ Meke, Busho, ConnecteD, Dean Zone, The Sixth Sense, D10, DJ W, Locanda & Kuznetsow, Mark EG, D4RYL, Mindflux, Nostic, Shock:Force, Renegade System, Sully, Cognition & XLS.

DJ Support:

Mark EG, ADM, XLS, Anima, Ariel Beat, Busho, Cherish [Safehouse Radio], Quinny, Cryptodome, DJ Mosquito, DJ W, DJs Present, Danny Slade [VMM Magazine], Dave Spinout [High Fish], Dizmaster, Douglas Marrero [USA Trance Movement], Ed Lynam [Elevation Audio], FUA TraxX, Fausto, Faze 2, Galvatron, Hakka, Jake Ayres [Country Club], Jake Nicholls [Uprising], Keoni Mira, Latex Zebra [Harderfaster], Locanda & Kuznetsow, Loki [Terminal Trax], Louk, Mindflux, Noizy Boy, Pete Kingwell [Terminal Trax], R.E.L.O.A.D, Remnis, Rinski, Scot Project, Shax, Side E-Fect, The Sixth Sense, Stephen Hamlet [Country Club], Stu J [Vertastyle / Voice FM], Tim Hidgem [Religion], Tommie Quick [Tranzaction], and Renegade System.

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Out now...

Jamie M 'Too Rare To Die’ [GT Digital]

There’s something about this guy’s music that always manages to grab our attention, he’s one to watch for sure ‘Too Rare To Die’ boasts fierce kicks thick swirling acid lines a great vocal and break with a remix from Adam Clements formally known as Busho, we felt it was the icing on the cake.

Supported by, Ariel Beat, Bangerz & Masherz, Chubba [Firewall], Cryptodome, Dave Spinout [High Fish], Desudo [Gearbox Radio], DJ Mosquito, DJ Nasty, DJ Husband, Douglas [USA Trance Movement], El Grekoz [Illegal Chemistry], Fausto, Fergus [Uprising / Vibealite], Guy Alexander [Ascent], Jake Nicholls [Uprising], Johan [DI.FM], Jon Doe, Keoni Mira, Louk, Mark Roket [Friction], Matt Thomas [Shock:Force], Maud [Aftermath], Mark E.G, Nick The Kid [Hindsight], Neil Castle [Raze], Noizy Boy, Nutty T, Pete Kingwell [Terminal Trax], Rinski, Shax, Side E-Fect, Sixth Sense, Temo [Global Evolution], Terry Wilkinson [Country Club], Tommie Quick [Tranzaction], XLS.

Purchasing information:

Available from the following stores.



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If you're looking for cutting-edge music rest assured you'll find it with Gearbox Digital that's a fact well Core magazine had the privilege of being sent a hand full of their releases on promo featuring tracks by Ironite, Luminite, Malice, Rebelion and Unresolved, more seriousness is definitely coming our way grab a read of the reviews at the link below.

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