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Chapter one johnnie pov where is everyone Johnny said in his mine everything's black it's pitch black why is it pitch black please tell me he heard a voice it was nice and calming when I woke up the only thing I seen was a right right now I'm awake I'm awake why am I awake it's still night time I told myself to go back to sleep but I couldn't go back to sleep go back to sleep go back to sleep go back to sleep but the only thing I what's the night the stars are beautiful the moonlight I like the Moonlight is shiny and bright in the most beautiful great ever so I went back to sleep I guess I had a nightmare .of course so the morning was getting it was getting to morning he was still up he had a new dream it was nice it was calming it feels like he feel like he was happy he wondered what that voice was who was it should he fall of it so what why am I in the bathroom now am I still in the dream please wake me up? Please wake me up volume I still in this dream you hear the voice again wake me up wake me up Wake Me Up Break Me Up so he followed the boys until he noticed he woke up finally but a poster of his favorite band Black Veil Brides Rosa poster of Andy and everybody else in the band 
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