Who is excited for Blood of  Olympus!!?!?!?!?! 
So excited! I want it to come out right now!

I have a question..... Could you like give a place to be like a teacher or a student?

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Shadowhunter RUNES!!!!

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hi there guys

nom nom 

Can we be in more than one fandom?

Name: Pandy (or you can call my Maddy)
Fandom You Wish To Be In: Divergent, HG, TMI, TFIOS, Percy jackson, HOO, Matched, HP, Dork Diaries, Frozen, Disney, HTTYD, ROTG, OUT, 
How Often You Are One: Every second of my life! 
Date Joined: 2014-07-08
I Want To Be A Fandom Teacher: yes
If I Am A Teacher I Would Like To Teach The Divergent Fandom. 
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