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Welcome to the world of poets-

quick overview
Come here to share poetry, short stories, original lyrics, and any type of art in the form of words.

-be nice. It's okay to debate and disagree, but let's all be friends for the most part.
-hate because of race, gender, or sexuality will not be tolerated.
-do not post works that are not your own unless you give credit.
-keep the cursing minimal. Its one thing if it is in a work, but dont use it to hate on someone.

reqs. To join
-Must be atleast 13.
-no trolls
-must like poetry

side notes
Do not ask to be a mod. I will select them myself based off of the work you produce. Please be respectful and help us grow by inviting friends!*

{Verse 1}

Sometimes I wanna put my head in a grip sometimes,
Sometimes I wanna put myself to sleep by nine.

I don't mean sleep as in wake up at nine, I mean sleep that would put me on cloud nine.

I mean the pitter and patter makes me wanna stop having that same beat traveling up and down my ears.

I wanna walk to next spot where I can stop but yet I hear the shouting- whistling all out about it something that I always doubted that never clocked in.


If I can wait, Jesus save my plate, if I'm there early then goddamn great. I tried to be my own man- that was a mistake.

Take me away.

that is what I have so far

Cold outside, but her bodys hot
I sneeze and cough, nose filled with snot
Thank her for that soup she bought

She got a fat ass and a fatter heart-
When my heart seems to stop, you help it start
She Grade A not like the shit from a walmart

She hold my heart in her hands like some water in a glass
No im with her for the insides not just for her ass-
Traveled the world together, need some money for the gas
As we inhale all the nature and the trees and the grass

But that was all in the past now we stuck in the home
Just the two of us but with her im never feelin alone
She by my side tryna help me feel better
Didnt leave cus im feelin kinda under the weather
I be sleeping in a blanket and a christmas sweater
But im with her so nothing could ever get better

Not even acceptance to hogwarts as if i got the letter
Not even being able to fly in the sky like a bird with feathers
Nothings better than this bond we made that cant be severed
Cus it cant be better then when the two of us are together.

Snow drifts from the clouds,
Ice hangs from the roof.
Parties raging loud,
As the year dissapears like poof

One last week until the next
Does happiness or sadness await?
I certainly hope its all the best
But i cant change what is my fate.

Not to seem like one who likes to complain,
But there's a strain on ourselves for economic
Differences, hiding past shadows and
Unrealistic goals to live the American dream.

Only few have it.

Painfull Poetry

She was one with depression. Her happiness was a lie that she masqueraded with fake smiles and cheerfull spirits.

And all the while her heart screamed to be saved yet no one listened. Tears and pain that were felt from the roots of her soul and spoken of only through the mistaken slip of her tongue. Her words were like daggers that penetrated her listener's heart.

They felt her pain. But they did not feel the way her spirit cried every time someone said "you've got nothing to be depressed about". How she hated it. The way they all assumed that depression was never meant for those "immune" to the realm of its torture.

That it was meant for those and only those who "looked the part". But depression comes in many shapes and sizes. In severities of different levels.

But no one believed her, no one cared enough to try. So in the effort to save herself she wrote. She wrote with words that filled the paper with feelings fueled by the torturous mind of her depressed persona.

And in doing so her train of thoughts created masterpieces that the fluidity of her hands composed. Written in such a way that at the end of it all her readers were left heartbroken and teary-eyed at their cognizance of her work....

Heartbroken and teary-eyed at their cognizance of her Painfull Poetry.

~Antoinette Lindsay~

A Noose Called Conversation

Every time i talk i am hanged
The girl in front is the same
I feel like I'm in a noose
Waiting for the man in front to pull

The words are strangled and i choke
If only i could have spoke
But no, as the hanged do not speak
The only sound is the wind from within

Oh I wait for a noose to finish
Each time i engage in proper conversation
Oh I wish the noose would go
So i can spread my voice with the world

But no, i am stuck at the head
(Well technically it's stick to MY head)
But every time i talk i am choked
It worsens when my noose is provoked

I've been searching through the streets
Trying to find that puzzle piece
That puts it all together
But I can't do it all with ease

Why can't I find a reason?
I know it's out there somewhere
And I can back up while I'm leaving
Please just stop if you dare

These questions that need answers
To fill the empty holes inside my head
Don't tell me that I'm wrong!
I know who's better off dead

But it happens with no end!
With this puzzle and missing pieces
And the undiscovered reasons
Yeah thats it i think I'm leavin'

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Made this about a year ago. Just found it buried in my memos lol. I think these were rap lyrics, but i cant find the beat to it but whatever cus i kinda liked this.

Im talkin bout my views, im talkin bout my mindset
Yall said go but im stuck on that "ready, set"
In reality, i guess i aint ready yet
But ive already placed bets i am goin all in
Rappins my addiction i got that crave and im about to binge
Im just freestylin so free like the wind
Goin all in but where do i begin

Not sure,
But im not tryna be poor
Not anymore
Been down and my prides sore
Down to the core
I was on the floor
Got back up kept rhymin now i am adored

I am loved and i am a loathed
They be hatin on my flow
They be hatin on the lyric
But at least im sincere in
The things i say, the things i do
Gotta be honest i wouldnt be here without you
My careers up in flames like i was a jew
My whole life i been used, feel like a tool

Im drowning in a pool, but i guess its cool
Cus im next to you
And this love is true
Together we can withstand the hate and the boos
I started to fall but you helped me move
I started to stop but you helped me through
Ive realized theres no one like you
Now i aint tryna get on my drake feel
Just tryna rap about life and what i find real
Cant look back cus it seems that my fates sealed
Gotta pull up at the 3 like bradley beal
Its real

I got the zeal, i got the drive
This gift gods given i cant leave behind
The rap games always on my mind
And i want more than a slice of pie

I want the whole thing, eight slices
Imma be rich so i dont care bout them prices
Been through some dangerous stuff like miami vices
People gettin shot and these bombs cus of isis

Everything gettin crazy
No one thinkin straight and their minds hazy
Kids acting crazy, their is no behaving
How im still alive i think its amazing.

I know im from hoco i aint from the street
Been blessed with enough food to eat
Got more than others but god help me please
Cus ya never know if it will happen to me

Life is like a roller coaster, down than up
Used to be a pup, but ive learned whats up, i rose up. I hit the gym, i toughened up. I gained some fans, but that not enough.
And i know the road a head is real tough.

And these words i say are not bluffs.
My brothers in jail with them hand cuffs
Cold world we need ear muffs,
I found that ladder, now im comin up


If Freedom was Free

If freedom was free, we'd be free to smoke weed. And waste all the cars and clog all the streets. If Freedom was free we'd be free to have war with the neighbors who live down the street.

If freedom were free we could shoot up a school and have no police chase as there would be no laws. If Freedom were free we'd be free to get tv's free, but there'd be none as they don't get pay

If freedom were free all the workers would leave to a place where the law would be straight. Although freedom sounds good on paper, free has never at all been free

If freedom were free there would be no schools, no jobs, no celebrity fame. Now look at your self, all the taxes you have, you have it ever so bad
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