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Are you getting clients, but the WRONG type of clients?
Are you a new entrepreneur and wanting to target the right clients?
Are you wanting to engage your audience on social media?

THEN Nail down your perfect client in just 3 EASY STEPS!!!

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Mindfulness is the current term that people are using to try and explain our capacity for greater awareness. The word ‘mindfulness’ can often be misconstrued as spiritual or philosophical in its basis.

In talking about mindfulness in the business environment, what you are really after is awareness. Awareness is when you are willing to see everything as it is, without a bias or judgment of what is right or wrong. With awareness you can see what is and isn’t working, and you can function in a way that allows different possibilities to present themselves in your business rather than trying to ‘fix’ or ‘solve’ anything.

You can read more about using questions to create greater awareness, being present with people, and choosing what will create the future you desire in your business and beyond. 

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The Hemp Shield Company LLC is looking for qualified investors at this time. Any interesyed parties should contact Hemp Shield's Investor Relations Mgr Mr George Stephanopoulos 604) 731-4216

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Is there a fear ever that companies such as Whole Foods, Costco, Google, etc. can scale and grow too much? How much is enough? ... not particular sure if this is a new movement whatsoever... your discussion on the topic?
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